Company Secretary

Company SecretaryA Company Secretary, a critical officer within a company, is tasked with maintaining all legally required documentation, such as Annual Returns and organizing the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Additional responsibilities include the issuance of company resolutions, maintaining company books, filings regulation, and ensuring the company complies with legislations like the Companies Act.

In Indonesia, it is mandatory for every company to appoint a Company Secretary. Given the significant responsibilities involved, qualifications often include various certifications. Key tasks include organizing AGMs, handling statutory registers, submissions of annual filings to regulatory bodies, verifying compliance, and managing paperwork whenever necessary.

When recruiting a Company Secretary, private companies need to ensure the candidate is a resident of Indonesia. In contrast, public companies must engage a filing agent with extensive experience or a membership in a recognized association. Although an individual cannot hold the roles of director and company secretary simultaneously, a secondary director can assume the secretary position. An efficient Company Secretary can provide invaluable corporate advice, potentially saving the company from foreseeable pitfalls in the Indonesian business landscape.