Dependant’s Pass

Dependant’s PassA Dependant’s Pass, commonly known as a Dependant KITAS, is a visa that allows family members of a primary work permit (IMTA) and stay permit (KITAS) holder to live and reside in Indonesia as long as the primary IMTA and KITAS holder maintains their employment. It enables the accompanying spouse and children under the age of 17 to join the primary visa holder in Indonesia.


Eligibility Criteria

A Dependant KITAS is available to family members of foreign nationals holding an IMTA and work visa KITAS. Spouses and children under the age of 17 can apply. They must initially obtain a single-visit visa to enter Indonesia, commonly referred to as a Telex Vitas. Upon arrival, this visa can be converted into a Dependant KITAS.

Moreover, a foreigner married to an Indonesian citizen for at least five years can also apply for a Dependant KITAS. After three years of holding the Dependant KITAS, they have the option to convert it to a KITAP.


Application Documents

Required documents for Dependant KITAS application:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Indonesian spouse’s family registry (if applicable)
  • Bank statement
  • Indonesian spouse’s identity card or birth certificate (if applicable)
  • Passport with a minimum validity of 18 months
  • Two passport photos with a red background
  • Copy of the passport’s main page
  • Copy of the visa stamp from the country where the application was made
  • Application Process and Timeline


How to Apply for a Dependant’s Pass KITAS

The Dependant KITAS remains valid as long as the primary work visa KITAS is valid. The application process involves several steps:

Apply for a KITAS in Indonesia through the sponsoring company.

  1. Enter Indonesia using Telex Vitas.
  2. Convert the Telex Vitas to a Dependant KITAS at the local Indonesian immigration office.
  3. Prepare and submit all necessary forms and your original passport to the immigration office.
  4. Attend an interview.
  5. Collect the required files and submit them to Kantor Wilayah.
  6. The head of immigration issues an approval letter.
  7. The letter is forwarded to Jakarta’s Directorate General of Immigration (DGI).
  8. DGI determines whether to grant the new status.
  9. The decision is uploaded online within 14 days.
  10. Collect the Dependant KITAS and passport at the immigration office.


Work Permissions

A Dependant KITAS does not grant the holder the right to work. If a family member wishes to work, they must apply for an IMTA and KITAS separately and change their sponsor to their new employer. The duration of the Dependant KITAS is linked to the terms of the primary KITAS; for example, if the primary KITAS is valid for one year, the Dependant KITAS will also be valid for the same duration.