Form DGT

Form DGT“Certificate of Domicile of Non-Resident for Indonesia Withholding Tax,” the Form DGT is designed for individuals or entities, encompassing both incorporated and unincorporated bodies, hailing from countries that share a Double Taxation Convention (DTC) with Indonesia. This taxation procedure is employed as a method for ensuring seamless cross-border financial transactions between Indonesia and its DTC partner countries. This form seeks to authenticate the origination of the payee for the purpose of tax deductions.

The primary function of the DTC is to prohibit the imposition of the same taxes on a single income source in two different jurisdictions. Therefore, in its essence, the Form DGT acts as a crucial instrument for individuals and corporate entities from DTC countries intending to undertake financial dealings in Indonesia, underpinning the efforts to prevent double taxation and fostering a favourable environment for international business transactions.