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Internal Audit Services in Indonesia – 3E Accounting is Ready to Help!

At the heart of any internal audit team, there needs to be professional aptitude and commitment to integrity and accountability. At 3E Accounting, our associate team of experts are capable of providing top-notch statutory auditing services and internal audit services whether it is risk management, reviews of internal compliance controls, providing comprehensive reviews, corporate governance and more.

Continuous change in the business climate requires strategic insights that target a multitude of issues and risks that industries today face. Our associate dedicated team have years of experience in conducting detailed assessments of risk and working with our clients through appropriate measures. The interests of a business organization from its management, board, stakeholders, and members are aligned with our solutions.

At 3E Accounting, our associate team of experts are capable of providing top-notch statutory auditing services.


Our Internal Audit Services

  • Internal Audit co-sourcing/outsourcing: This involves the deployment of our team of multidisciplinary internal audit professionals who are well-equipped with the necessary background and experience to deal with work with our clients in managing internal audit matters.
  • Strategic Evaluation of Performance and Risk: This assesses the performance of a company’s internal audit department with the aim of identifying key goals and better handling of risk. This results in an improved department focus and synchronization with an organizations overall vision.
  • Corporate Governance Risk and Compliance: This analyses the best-integrated strategy for a business organization in order to provide a consistent and effective framework which synchronizes governance, risk, compliance, assurance.
  • Management Assistance: This deals with unique and challenging issues in management and provides tailored recommendations for better standard operating procedures (SOPs), improvement in structures, controls and policies.
  • Regulatory Assistance: This assesses the regulatory functions of an organization through analyzing its financial controls, practices and compliance with important regulations and mandates.
  • Privacy: This assesses concerns in regards to private data and other information. Our team are well-equipped to identify privacy risks and recommending the best policies and privacy practice structure for an organization whether it is related to intellectual property (IP) or cybersecurity.

Advancements in technology have led to continuous change in internal audit practices and we pride ourselves on our ability to navigate them and use them in the most efficient and effective ways.


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Our global connections and dedication to quick and thorough results ensure that our associate auditors have the necessary know-how and accurate information to ensure your success. We know the ups-and-downs of a business organization and will deliver the services that our clients deserve.

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Internal Audit Services in Indonesia