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Application of Retirement Visa in Indonesia


A Guide to Retiring in One of Asia’s Most Affordable Destinations

Indonesia is home to warm climate and beautiful beaches, attracting many to consider obtaining a Retirement Visa in Indonesia.

3E Accounting Indonesia can help you obtain your retirement visa in Indonesia quickly and efficiently.


What is Retirement Visa in Indonesia?

This visa allows foreigners to live for a longer period in the country. Under this visa, they can travel multiple times in and out throughout the years. With this retirement visa, a foreigner can also obtain a local driver’s license and open bank account. The one thing that a foreigner cannot do with a retirement visa, however, is to seek employment in the country. Working remotely for a company based outside Indonesia is not permitted either.

It is known locally as the “Visa Tinggal Terbatas untuk Wisatawan Lansia Mancanegara” Indeks Visa 319. Issued by the Immigration Department, this visa allows those who are 55-years and more to temporarily stay in Indonesia. The eligibility and the required documents are as follows:

  • Be 55 years or older at the time of application.
  • Be retired at the time of application.
  • Submit your resume together with the application.
  • Hold passport or travel documents with a remaining validity period of more than 18-months.
  • Copies of all pages of the passport.
  • A size 3x4cm passport photo with a red background.
  • Copy of your marriage certificates if you are married.
  • A bank or Pension Fund Foundation statement from Indonesia or your country of origin. Available funds from investments or retirement income must be a minimum of US$1,500 monthly to sustain your living expenses. Total must amount to US$18,000 annually. Married couples must submit separate statements and apply for the visa separately.
  • Proof of your living accommodation statement in Indonesia. The minimum cost of purchasing a home or apartment is US$35,000. The minimum monthly rental cost is between US$300-500 depending on where you live in Indonesia.
  • Proof of insurance (medical, life, or third-party insurance) from Indonesia or your country of origin.
  • Proof of payment of Immigration Fees.
  • Letter of sponsorship from appointed travel agency.
  • Statement declaring intent to employ an Indonesia driver or maid while you stay in the country.
  • Statement agreeing you will comply with the regulations not to engage in work or business activities while on the visa.
  • Statement declaring financial capability to pay rent. A signed housing lease of at least one year must be provided.


A retirement visa once approved is valid for a year allowing you to live in Indonesia during the one-year validity period for a year. You may extend your retirement visa annually (once per year) up to five times. Retirement visa extensions can be done without leaving the country.

If you qualify for the retirement visa but your spouse does not, you may sponsor the KITAS (semi-permanent stay) visa for your spouse. While living in Indonesia on a retirement visa, you must apply for a Multiple Exit Re-entry Permit (“MERP”). The MERP is valid for 6 months to a year.


Let 3E Accounting Be the Agent to Assist With Your Retirement Dreams

Applicants intending to apply for this retirement visa must appoint a local Indonesian agency as a sponsor. The regulations limit the eligibility of the agent to only those who hold a travel agency license. 3E Accounting can help you obtain your retirement visa in Indonesia quickly and efficiently. Let us help you manage your application and your extension requests while you focus on enjoying your golden years in Asia’s tropical paradise.


Retirement Visa in Indonesia