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Pick and Choose the Right Web Hosting Services for Your Enterprise

With more than fifty per cent of the population becoming active Internet users, Indonesians are now better at utilizing the World Wide Web. The dawn of the pandemic makes Indonesians suddenly have to stay at home to stay healthy and safe. Thus, changing the way they work, shop, learn and live. Moreso, plenty of people need to go online to continue to make a living. In that sense, more people need to secure themselves or their enterprise credible to the market. Budding entrepreneurs would now need to have a reliable website to present their products, services or offers to the broader consumer market. If you are one of them, be prepared to know everything about web hosting services in Indonesia for your website.

3E Accounting Indonesia offers plenty of options to host websites.


Accessibility at the Fingertips

In today’s digital era, most people will look up the internet for information about products or services. Thus, you make a move to have your website to promote a product or a service. Despite the large e-commerce players and established social media networks, having your website proves you take your business seriously. Hence, whenever a user stumbles upon your website, it needs to be available for them. With reliable web hosting services in Indonesia, you can trust that your site could help engage users to become subscribers or long term-buyers. This will lead to recommendations to others about your services or website. If your company or business website is accessible at their fingertips, it should easily convert even the sceptics.


Online Security Concerns

As more people are going online, there is a security concern among new adopters of technology. Some sceptics are not convinced of their security when in the virtual world. If you are one of them, then you should express this concern to web hosting services in Indonesia. With plenty of web hosting services available, stick to those who can advise and offer a secure environment for your website. The SSL certificate is one way you can provide a secured environment for your users. When you have the SSL certificate on your website, it will show a tiny padlock icon at the address bar. If you intend to request sensitive information from your users, your web hosting services will advise that you get the SSL certificate.


Modern Advantages

If you used to upload files over the web, then you know the speed rate of what it used to be back then. Nowadays, web servers are using Solid State Drives (SSD) for faster performance. Not only will your website is easier to manage, but it also has minor to none technical downtime. This speedier performance will translate to better website user experience. The same goes with installing applications for your websites. You can quickly launch more than one hundred applications with just one click. From CMS to e-commerce, you name it; we have it. Emails and spams go hand in hand. But if you opt to host with reliable web hosting services in Indonesia, be glad that there is a thing called spam filter. It filters spam, so you get only genuine emails. So, there you go. Should you need more convincing, drop us an email and will get back to you promptly.

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