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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Incorporate in Belize

Company Incorporate in BelizeWithin the new amended Company Act, you now can set up an offshore company in Belize. The advantage of company incorporate in Belize is that there no much restriction and the process is straightforward. If you understand the importance of having the right information when it comes to company registration, then you’ll look for the right place to seek that information.

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Companies Registry

With that in mind, company incorporate in Belize begins with the verification of the availability of the business name with the Companies Registry. The name must be unique and must not contravene the Company’s Act or be obscene or offensive.

Now, an offshore company is one of the commonly registered companies in Belize making it the most sought by foreign investors. So, if you’re planning to register an offshore company, you’ll be required to fill an application form where the corporate documents can be in any language.  You must ensure that the company name includes the word(s) such as Limited, Corporation, or the abbreviations thereof. Similarly, you must include the details of beneficial directors and shareholders such as their nationality, residence, and profession. The Act also mandates the submission of their professional recommendation or reference for verification.

It follows that you must prepare some of the following documents that relate to every director and shareholder.

  • Scanned and certified copies of their passports.
  • An original proof of residence that’s indicating the names and addresses. This may be supported by a utility bill dated within the last three months.
  • An original introductory letter which may be from a bank, lawyer or account with a similar profession.

In the event you’re opting for a Limited Liability Company you’ll be required to meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum of one director and one shareholder (can be individual or legal entities)
  • A minimum paid-up capital of US$1

Company incorporate in Belize does not require you to be present; you can appoint a representative through the Power of Attorney. Each business must have a registered address and a registered agent within the territory of Belize.


Income Tax Department

Any company operating in Belize must register at the Income Tax Department to acquire a Taxpayer Identification Number. You’ll be required to fill in the application form (TR121A) with the Income Tax Department. Some of the necessary documents that you’ll need to include the following:

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • A copy of the Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association
  • A copy of a Trade license
  • TR111 Individual Registration form for each of your employees.

The assessor of the information with input the data in the system and it’ll automatically generate a Tax Identification Number (TIN). If in the event you deem it right to seek any further assistance on tax matters you can get in touch with 3E Accounting Indonesia.

Through your agent/representative you can get the process of bank opening with much ease and expeditiously. You’ll need to submit some documents that will include: shareholders certificates, two reference letters for each of the account holders, registered address among others.


3E Accounting Indonesia

When it comes to company incorporate in Belize, applying for your business permit forms part of the prerequisite of company registration. You may do so through the authority under your jurisdiction the moment you have received your certificate of incorporation.

The confidentiality and privacy of your company’s details under the International Companies Act in Belize have created the ascendency of company incorporation in Belize. In case you have employees in your company you must ensure you’ve registered them for Social Security and Health and Insurance. You may contact us for assistance.


Company Incorporate in Belize