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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Incorporate in El Salvador

Company Incorporate in El SalvadorThe geographic location makes El Salvador a zoar for people who love ancient architectures and rural coffee plantations. It has also a popular name which is the Land of Jewel for its hard-working folks. One can reach El Salvador via air as well as water. The country has promoted an open trade and investment environment that has helped stimulate economic growth and reduce poverty. Therefore, these policies signal the country’s financial stability and the safe business environment it has, making the company incorporate in El Salvador easy. Thus, due to these reasons, investors across the globe opt for getting company incorporate in El Salvador. The team at 3E Accounting is exceptionally professional at the registration process.


Different Business Entities Operating in El Salvador to Start Company Incorporate in El Salvador

El Salvador has three operational business entities that each functions vividly as per the stipulation of the business objectives, and scope of the business. Here at 3E Accounting, we will facilitate you with the selection of an appropriate business entity.

  • The Public Limited company: Here the corporate capital is based on the stocks and the legal representation of the company structures is done by the board of directors.
  • Limited Liability Company: Here the capital investment is not but in the process of Social Participation. It is only the management that can establish the Regimen of Administration and serve as legal representatives of the company.
  • The branches of the foreign company: it is the least common structure as it involves much-complicated procedure and registration at the ministry of economy.

3E Accounting will help you in selecting the right business entity for getting company incorporate in El Salvador.

Following data should submit when applying for El Salvador corporate affairs and IP office:

  • Propose multiple names for the company
  • It is necessary to mention the Company director’s name
  • Give an officially registered address in El Salvador
  • Mention the details of the Company’s Shareholder(s)
  • Give the details of the business in El Salvador


The Business Registration Process in El Salvador

The business policies of El Salvador aid the process of business registration by making it pretty functional and transparent. The company also has to apply for incorporation certificate to the custom and excise department with a VAT along with it. Other than that, it also needs to register with the Inland Revenue Board. Depending upon the type of business, you will need to obtain a license to run proper business and trading activities in El Salvador.


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Company Incorporate in El Salvador