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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Incorporate in Greece

Company Incorporate in GreeceGreece is a great business destination for you if you have an excellent idea. Well, of course, there are many downsides for foreign investors in Greece, but if you know enough, they can’t really shadow the benefits of company incorporate in Greece.

Despite many shortcomings as a market, Greece still offers a qualified workforce and low labour costs. Also, the growth of the service sector, especially tourism has been promising, and new incentives are being formulated. All in all, we can say that the economy of Greece is set to change in the coming days, and that is going to become of a huge advantage to those who own a business in Greece.


Company Incorporate in Greece: How Do You Incorporate a Company in Greece?

Well, you cannot register your own company in Greece as you are bound to be confused of all the officialities. Thus, you will need to work with 3E Accounting, a leading corporate service provider in the world.

3E Accounting Indonesia has partnered with accounting and legal professionals from Greece who are going to help you with the entire registration process of your company. This means all you need to do is contact 3E Accounting, and then our team will incorporate your Greece company for you in minimal time and cost.


Types of Companies in Greece

Among the various types of companies, foreigners usually go for partnership, limited liability company (EPE), stock corporation (AE) and foreign branch office.

Partnership in Greece

You need at least two partners to open a partnership, and there is no rule about minimum investment whatsoever. There are two types of partnership companies in Greece, the general partnership and limited partnership.

General Partnership: Every partner makes equal investments so that all of them get the same amount of profit.

Limited Partnership: In a limited partnership company, some partners don’t make as much as contributions as others. So, they can only claim a limited profit.

Limited Liability Company (EPE)

Limited liability company is one of the most popular choices for foreigners investing in Greece. The minimum share capital is EUR 4,500 and half of it must be paid during the formation. You need at least two shareholders to open a limited liability company in Greece.

Stock Corporation

It generally suits for a medium to large businesses. The minimum share capital to open a stock corporation is EUR 60,000. Public limited companies, in which the stock are open to the public follow this company structure in Greece.

Foreign Branch Office

Any foreign companies looking to expand in Greece can open a foreign Branch company. The branch company must conduct the same business as its international counterpart as it is taken as the same legal entity as its parent company. It needs a minimum one director and the foreign parent must meet the share capital requirements of Greece.


How Much Does The Process Take?

The time taken to register a company in Greece is one of the main reasons you should work with a company incorporation service such as 3E Accounting. It might take you months to register your Greece company if you don’t have the proper idea. But on the other hand, 3E Accounting can register your company in as less as six weeks maximum.

Company Incorporate in Greece