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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Incorporate in Israel

Company Incorporate in IsraelBy any chance have you considered to company incorporate in Israel? In that case here are the various ways through which you can form a company. You can either set up a branch office or partnership with an Israelis or build your company. Israel is ranked 49th out of 190 economies when it comes to easy places to do business by the World Bank. Thus they can assure you about their business policies and confidently invest instantly in this vast place to reap high profits.

Our entire team at 3E Accounting Indonesia makes sure that we aid you to Incorporate Company in Israel in the most efficient manner by dealing with your:

  • Document preparation
  • Selection of the right business entity
  • Business registration
  • Obtaining a business license


Requirements for Its Process

Following are the criteria to Incorporate Company in Israel. Our team of experts at 3E Accounting will also help you duly to fulfil all these requirements:

  • Selection and approval of a unique name for the company by the Company Registry, Israel.
  • A brief description of all the business objectives and activities is mandatory
  • Submission of all the details of the company’s shareholders both native or foreigner. A company can have 2 to 50 shareholders
  • They require the Company director’s details.
  • Preparation and submission of 2 main documents – Memorandum of Association and Article of Association to Conservador de Comercio (conservator of business)


How to Incorporate Company in Israel?

The business registration processes are relatively uncomplicated and prompt enough to finish it in the span of 10 days. Following are the procedural steps to Incorporate Company in Israel:

  • Appoint a legal representative. Appointing a legal representative of any nationality is the first and foremost step to incorporate a company in Israel.
  • Obtain a unique tax identification number:
    Obtaining a tax identification number is the crucial step in the business registration process, and we here at 3E Accounting will help you get on by signing the public deed, processing RUT by SII, publishing Official Gazette of the new company, opening a local bank account and submitting the articles of incorporation to the Registrar and getting them published in the Official Gazette

Then, it takes about only ten days to receive a tax identification number.


Get Your Consulting Partner Today to Company Incorporate in Israel

We here at 3E Accounting are well experienced and skilful for company incorporation in Israel. Our skilled team of experts aids you with tasks such as document preparation, accountancy, taxation, and marketing.

We understand the challenges and endeavours the new business in a foreign land bring and thus we offer the finest and most reliable consultancy services to let the investor commence their dream company in a new country.

Company Incorporate in Israel