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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Incorporate in Labuan

company incorporate in labuanLabuan – a special territory of Malaysia, has always been one of the main offshore centers in the Asian region. Due to its tax regime and the various incentives available for doing business in the country, it is an appealing destination for foreign businessmen and corporations interested in starting companies in Malaysia. There are several types of legal entities that can be started in the Labuan territory, and at 3E Accounting, we are ready to accord you all the resources and the support you need for successful company incorporate in Labuan. Whether you need sound advice on legal matters, incorporation procedures, tax issues or you want a hands-free registration process, we are the right experts you can trust for all your business formation needs in Labuan.


The Types of Legal Entities in Labuan

If you are a foreign investor who wants to company incorporate in Labuan, your legal reference will be the Companies Act of 1990. Well, foreigners can form two types of companies. According to the Act, the businesses are registered as offshore companies and they can be one of the following forms-:

  • None-trading companies, also known as holding companies
  • Trading companies

The procedure of registering either of the legal entities is simple. However, you need to have a good understanding of their tax liabilities since they subscribe to different tax regimes. The law allows offshore companies in Labuan to have 100% foreign ownership. For more complexities, our team of company formation experts in Labuan is ready to provide you assistance for the legal aspects of company incorporate in Labuan.


Why Think about Labuan Company Formation

Other than the tax benefits, there also are other numerous benefits that come with registering a company in Labuan. In normal cases, companies in Malaysia need to have a local business associate who can be a citizen or PR. For the most part, the commercial legislation applicable to companies in Malaysia are also applicable to companies in Labuan. However, Labuan allows 100% foreign ownership.

The other benefit that comes with company incorporate in Labuan is the absence minimum share capital requirement. You don’t need to have thousands of dollars to register a company in the region.

In most cases, the registration process in Labuan is complete within two weeks. Besides, you don’t have to be physically present in the country to register the entity. You can work with professional business experts such as 3E Accounting experts who will register on your behalf.

Finally, you will enjoy the complete privacy that comes with registering an offshore company in Labuan. With a company incorporate in Labuan, information relating to shareholders, directors and company beneficiaries will be highly confidential and will never be displayed or revealed to the public. The company laws in Labuan provides for complete anonymity and confidentiality provided that the owners and the directors of the company are not under any criminal investigation or hold any criminal records.


Why Work with Us

Though the process of company incorporate in Labuan takes a relatively short time, it doesn’t mean that it is easy. At 3E Accounting, we take away all the hurdles of your registration process to save your money and time. We are well versed with all the relevant legislation pertaining to any business you may be interested in.  We fast track the registration process so that you have your company up and running as soon as possible.

Additionally, we will advise you on accounting and taxation so that you can start the business on the right footing. We will also give you legal advice so you won’t have any problems legally.

Contact us now and enjoy expert help in starting your new company in Labuan.

Company Incorporate in Labuan