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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Incorporate in Mauritius

Company Incorporate in MauritiusThe strategic location of Mauritius is the magnet for more than half foreign investors investing in the country. A connection point between Africa and Asia, Mauritius has immense opportunities for those looking to be involved in the trade business. At the same time, the service and the manufacturing sectors have an impressive growth rate in the developing country. All in all, a Mauritius company has a numerous supportive factor for the investors, and thus, a company incorporate in Mauritius is an excellent idea.

Running a business in Mauritius is easy, but the problem lies in the registration process. We have heard numerous complaints from investors citing that company registration in Mauritius is confusing, especially for the foreigners. And thus, from now on, 3E Accounting is available in Mauritius.

3E Accounting Indonesia has been helping investors all over the world to company incorporate in Mauritius. Also, working with the firm is the easiest way to incorporate a company in Mauritius. All you need to do is call 3E Accounting, tell your requirements, and then the corporate service provider will complete the entire company registration process for you.


Type of Companies in Mauritius

Depending on the business you want to open in Mauritius, foreigners can choose three types of companies in Mauritius.

Global Licence Type 1 Company

The Global License type-1 company is primarily for those who want to open a holding company in Mauritius. There are no provisions for a minimum paid-up capital, and the firm needs at least two directors. Both of these directors should be based on Mauritius. A Global license Type 1 Company can trade inside Mauritius, and at the same time, might be exempt of taxes in other countries where Mauritius has double tax agreements.

Mauritius Offshore Company (Global Business Type 2 Company)

The Mauritius offshore company is for those who want to open a business in Mauritius but conduct business activities outside the country. This means that the Global Business Type-2 Company can’t do business activities among the locals. There are no minimum share capital requirements, and the company needs at least one director and one shareholder. The director and shareholder can be of any nationality, but the company should hire a resident secretary.

Mauritius Limited Liability company

A Mauritius Limited Liability Company needs at least one shareholder and a resident director. 100% foreign ownership is allowed in most cases, and there is no minimum share capital requirement. However, you will need to do some research, as full foreign ownership is not allowed in the tourism sector. Also, there are minimum investment requirements in the hospitality sector depending on the size of your business.



How Much Time Does it Take To Company Incorporate in Mauritius?

It depends on the type of company and understanding of the incorporation process. You can contact 3E Accounting to register your Mauritius company in a few working days.

Do you still have confusions? You can contact 3E Accounting Indonesia. We will schedule a consultancy and address all of your questions regarding company incorporation in Mauritius.

Company Incorporate in Mauritius