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A Guide to Common Seals and It’s Uses in Indonesia

A company common seal in Indonesia acts as the official status of a company on documents. They are considered serious and official and should be used with great care.

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What is a Company Common Seal in Indonesia?

Company seals are sometimes called common seals or corporate seals too. A company seal is used on behalf of the Indonesia company. It has legal importance and is subject to limitations and restrictions per the ordinary laws of agency.

These seals are available in various colours, designs, sizes, and shapes. Seals can be customised per the company’s preference. The seal can be ready for collection within 3-5 workdays. Seals with more complicated designs may require a longer time.

A common seal will leave an embossed mark on your paper. Some seals leave a watermark. This helps to prevent document falsification. Company seals in Indonesia are optional, but sometimes you may require one. Therefore, it is advisable that every company obtain one.


Do I Need a Company Seal?

In Indonesia, your company is considered a separate entity. As such, your seal will act as your signature. Signatures have diminished the seal’s importance in a lot of matters, but having a seal is still necessary in some cases.


How Common Seals Are Used

You can use your company common seal in Indonesia to authorise and legitimise documents. Your company common seal in Indonesia should only be used for important documents and transactions. Not all business activities require seal approval.

Seals might be required when dealing with:

  • Government documents
  • Company resolutions
  • Phone bills
  • Utility bills
  • Contracts
  • Land contracts
  • Dealing with businesses that require an official stamp for approval
  • Credit documents
  • Company documents
  • Documents with information mandated by law


How Are Company Seals Different From Rubber Stamps?

Rubber stamps are mainly used to mark a document as authentic. While a rubber stamp is official on some relevant documents, it does not have any legal value. Since personal rubber stamps can be found on notarized documents, they can easily be photocopied.

A company common seal in Indonesia, on the other hand, is used to verify a document is authentic and credible. Unlike a rubber stamp, this one has very few letters and symbols.

Not every document will need a rubber stamp or a company seal. These cases are rare, though. Since Indonesian law recognises and considered all companies a separate legal entity, having a company common seal will be beneficial for the times when you need it.

Company Common Seal in Indonesia