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Why 3E Accounting ?


3E Accounting is a leading Indonesia-based accounting firm that specialises not only in providing corporate professional services but in providing the services beyond the highest level of excellence to all its deserving clients. 3E Accounting highly values all its clients and holds strong onto its core basic mission, which remain unchanged since its inception of business, to offer what all its clients should get, the Three Es: efficiency, effectiveness and economy, under a One-Stop Solution services centre.

Over the years, 3E Accounting ensure that its clients get the best yet economical services from all the professional services that it provides including in company incorporation, accounting, tax, secretarial, etc.

3E incorporates hundreds of companies in Indonesia every year.

3E Accounting is delighted and privileged to be featured in major media.

As Featured in Channel NewsAsia

Consultancy Asia

As Featured in International Accounting Bulletin

When it comes to choosing the right corporate services provider, you deserve a company that offers tailored, cost-effective and friendly service with a reputation for delivering exceptional results. You deserve 3E Accounting!

Why Us - Outstanding Value and Service Guarantee

Outstanding Value and Service Guarantee
Our pricing is fair and reasonable and our team is committed to providing you quality, timely service that always exceeds your expectations. We are able to achieve significant cost efficiencies by leveraging our investment in information technology and we pass these savings on to our clients.

Why Us - No Hidden Fees

No Hidden Fees
3E Accounting’s service fee schedule is completely transparent – there are absolutely no hidden fees. No service organization is worth your trust if it hits you with undisclosed fees. Please click Formation Company Fees for a complete description of our fees. You will find them the lowest within the high-quality segment of the industry.

Why Us - Fast Response

Fast Response
Our service standards are high – our policy is to respond within 24 hours to every email or message we receive.

Why Us - Fast Incorporation

Fast Incorporation
No one in Indonesia can incorporate your company faster than 3E Accounting, and we have thousands of satisfied customers to prove it. We cut through the bureaucratic red tape and accompanying tedium. If your documentation is in order, we can complete the process in one hour!

Why Us - Truly THE One-Stop Solution for your Business

Truly THE One-Stop Solution for your Business
We provide truly One-Stop Solution services for your business. We offer support to set up, launch and manage your business in Indonesia Furthermore, we have established an extensive network of local partnerships with reputable and cost-effective firms that specialize in specific niche areas.

Why Us - We’re Here for You

We’re Here for You
We appreciate your patronage and understand that your time is very important. That is why our phones are answered around the clock by our directors instead of answering machines. Our directors are committed to serve you promptly, and because of their senior status, can answer questions and make decisions without delay. Other accounting firms force customers to waste time speaking with junior staff – our policy respects your time.

Why Us - Comprehensive Online Resource

Comprehensive Online Resource
Our website provides you with comprehensive information on how to incorporate your Indonesia business. However, should you have any questions, our friendly directors are happy to help you determine the best course of action for your business.

Why Us - International Recognition

International Recognition
3E Accounting Singapore (HQ) is recognized by ACCA as an Approved Employer since 21 May 2012. Recognition by the ACCA Approved Employer Program is only given to companies that have high standards of staff training and development. Formal recognition not only confirms that 3E is committed to providing learning and development opportunities for its finance staff, it also helps to ensure that companies like 3E recruit talented people into their organizations. With this award, you have proof that 3E meets or exceeds global standards for education and development.

Why Us - Professionally Qualified

Professionally Qualified
At the core of 3E’s service delivery approach is a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable staff members who are certified professionals and industry veterans in their respective practice areas. Our staff is intimately familiar with all relevant Indonesia laws, procedures, and policies. We have a strong network of external partner firms with expertise in specific niche areas.

Why Us - Convenient

We always seek to provide flexibility to our clients. Most of our communications are via email and your physical presence in our office is not required. To facilitate convenience for busy entrepreneurs, we are open after regular business hours by appointment (except on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)