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A Comprehensive Guide to All You Need to Know About Starting a Business

There’s no better time for a company set up with 3E Accounting’s Indonesia Company Incorporation Services. This guide will tell you all you need to know about getting started. The demand for Indonesia Company Incorporation services to incorporate Indonesia company continues to accelerate. We at 3E Accounting, best Indonesia company incorporation consultants, understand why Indonesia is attracting so much corporate interest for business incorporation in Indonesia and we’d like to share our Indonesia incorporation expertise with you about Indonesia Company Registration Services and steps for incorporating Indonesia company. As a premier provider of Indonesia company incorporation services, we are in a unique position to offer you a FULL array of services at the most attractive prices and help you to incorporate company in Indonesia.



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Indonesia Company Incorporation Services

Being a bureaucratic country, all foreign investments are regulated and monitored by the Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal (BKPM). BKPM is also known as the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board.

In you incorporate an Indonesia company, it will be based on the Indonesia Company Law No. 40 of Year 2007.

Foreign investors require a business visa to work and live in Indonesia. 3E Accounting’s consultants can assist with the business visa application if required.

We at 3E Accounting, best Indonesia company incorporation consultants can help you to incorporate company in Indonesia.

Choosing Your Company Setup Entity

The opening of an Indonesia company gives investors 2 options to choose from:

  • Local company (PT)
  • Foreign owned company (PT PMA)


A Local Company (PT) in Indonesia allows only 100% local ownership. This means that the Company must be 100% own by local resident if you choose this entity. If you are planning to have foreign investor in the future, it is recommended to go for Foreign Owned Company (PT PMA) since the beginning to avoid spending extra cost engaging a Notary to amend/change your company status and your existing business licenses.

For Foreign Owned Company (PT PMA), the maximum number of ownership will be determined by your business activities and the sector you’re involved in. There are certain restrictions where some sectors are off limits to foreigners. The restricted sectors can be found on the Indonesia Negative Investment List.

The Indonesia Negative Investment List (DNI) exists to protect the country’s economy and local companies. If you establish a PMA with 100% foreign ownership but your business is listed under the DNI, you will need to re-arrange your shareholders composition based on the requirement percentage mentioned on the DNI by holding a general meeting of shareholders (“GMOS”) to obtain the shareholders’ approval.


Package Fees for Indonesia Company Incorporation / Indonesia Subsidiary Incorporation / PT PMA / Local Company (PT)

Package Local Company (PT) Set up Fee (IDR) PMA Company Set up without Local Resident Director Services Fee (IDR) PMA Company Set up with Local Resident Director Services Fee (IDR)
Company Incorporation Services * IDR 25 million IDR 25 million IDR 25 million
Company Secretarial Services Free 1 year Free 1 year Free 1 year
Opening of Indonesia bank account Free first bank account opening Free first bank account opening Free first bank account opening
Local Resident Director ** Not applicable Not applicable IDR 25 million per year
Refundable Security Deposit for Local Resident Director Services Not applicable Not applicable IDR 25 million
Registered Address for 12 months Optional Optional IDR 17 million per year
Monthly Bookkeeping with tax report submission (up to 50 items per month) Optional Optional IDR 5 million per month (Billed annually)

@ For client who engage our Local Resident Director Services, you must subscribe to our Annual registered address services and 12 months Bookkeeping Services with SPT Masa report submission (up to 50 items per month).

* For Indonesia company formation with corporate shareholder (e.g. subsidiary), an additional charge of IDR 1 million per corporate shareholder will apply. For Indonesia company set up with directors, shareholders, beneficial owners, registrable controllers and nominator of nominee director of more than 3 person or entity, an extra charge of IDR 1 million per person or entity will apply. Kindly be reminded that there is no services available for setting up of a Company on a specific date. In the event of such request is being received, we will try our best to fulfill it on a goodwill basis. However, we shall not be held responsible for Any Loss or Damages incurred as a result of the setting up of the Company with a different incorporation date. This service includes domicile, NPWP, OSS (NIB). A separate License Activation fee may apply and the fee varies, ranging from IDR 2 million – IDR 10 million, depending on the business nature of the company.

** For a PMA company, it is possible that the director and commissioner members are all foreigners. However, for the practicality of business operations, it is recommended that the company also appoint a local resident director. In the absence of a local director and if the foreign directors do not have work permit and Tax ID, the business operation in Indonesia including the signing of documents such as for bank account opening, Electronic Tax filing system (“EFIn”) registration, etc, will be limited.

As required by Indonesia law, you are required to engage the registered address services of Serviced Offices in Indonesia in order to set up the Indonesia company. Do let us know if you want us to introduce you to one in Jakarta if you do not have any preferable serviced office in mind. The fees vary ranging from IDR 7 million/year – IDR 11 million/year based on the Selected Serviced Office Package.

3E Accounting understands that you want to get started right away to register your Company in Indonesia. We are small enough to nimbly respond to all of your needs for business incorporation in Indonesia, yet big enough to provide all the services a new corporation requires. Don’t miss critical business opportunities due to red tape to incorporate company in Indonesia! Trust 3E Accounting to support your speedy corporate launch with a unique package of services available nowhere else in Indonesia. 3E Accounting offers the most comprehensive company incorporation package which includes:

  • FREE company name check and reservation (unlimited check of company names)
  • FREE standard Deed of Establishment
  • FREE company digital stamp
  • FREE EFIN Registration
  • FREE Tax Identification Number (NPWP)
  • FREE registration of Identification Number or Nomor Induk Berusaha (NIB)
  • FREE resolution to open a company bank account
  • FREE one-year corporate secretarial services worth IDR 10 million which include:
    • preparing required documents for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Annual Board of Director’s (BOD) report
    • preparing and submitting  quarterly Investment Activity Report (Laporan Kegiatan Penanaman Modal Asing or LKPM) to the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal or BKPM)
    • acting as coordinator for liaising with the Government of Indonesia
    • maintaining the Minutes and Register Books
    • liaising with your auditor for annual statutory audit on secretarial records
    • advising on matters regarding secretarial / statutory / compliance / accounting  /tax
    • monitoring and ensuring compliance with relevant government regulations and legal requirements (Client will receive regular compliance alert via email such as Company Business License reminder).
  • FREE bank introduction and account opening services in Indonesia
  • FREE advisory on compliance requirements
  • FREE tax planning and VAT advice
  • FREE monitoring of filing deadlines for one year by our Compliance Officer through email
  • FREE Indonesia company incorporation consultation services
  • FREE Google Workspace email setup for up to two users (excluding Google Workspace Subscription Charges)
  • FREE first year “.com” domain name registration (Manage your domain with IT Solution Singapore upon domain registration)
  • FREE Cloud-Based Accounting Software (Supported by AI Account)
  • FREE Cloud-Based HR Management Software (Supported by AI HRMS)
  • Preparing minutes of first annual general meeting (GMOS)
  • Add on a 12 months local resident director services at the price of IDR 25 million per year. For package detail, please click Local Resident Director Services.
  • Add on a 12 months registered address services at the price of IDR 17 million per year. For package detail, please click Registered Address Services.


Information Required

To incorporate a company, the following information must be submitted to us through completion of Online Incorporation Form. Alternatively, you may email us the following information at

  • Proposed company names
  • Desciption of principal activities
  • For Locals – Copy of ID/KTP, NPWP, resume, contact information (telephone number, email address, etc.) and occupation of the proposed Company’s director(s), shareholder(s), commissioner(s), beneficial owner(s) if any. We provide Local Resident Director Service if required.
  • For Foreigners – Copy of passport, proof of foreign residential address and national identity card, if any, resume, contact information (telephone number, email address, etc.) and occupation of the proposed Company’s director(s), shareholder(s), commissioner(s), beneficial owner(s)/controller(s), nominator of nominee directors, if any. (In general, there is no foreign shareholder restrictions in Indonesia for most businesses – a foreigner is allowed to own 100 percent shareholding in the Indonesia company)
  • For Trust – Copy of Trust Deed containing name and administrative address of the Trust, copy of NRIC/passport, proof of residential address and resume, contact information (telephone number, email address, etc.) and occupation of settlor(s), trustee(s), beneficiary(ies), protector(s), investment manager(s), etc.
  • If the shareholder is a corporate entity, please provide the deed of establishment and the Ministry of Law & Human Rights approval (“MOHLR”), deed of amendment (if any) and MOLHR, domicile, NPWP (Tax ID), OSS (NIB), structure of shareholders composition, directors composition and commissioner composition. For a foreign corporate entity, please provide the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum & Articles of Association/Constitution, Certificate of Incumbency or equivalent document (Click Certificate of Incumbency to download the sample), proof of registered address, corporate chart/structure, details of the corporate representative(s) together with written documents such as a Board Resolution showing among others the subscription of shares, percentage of shareholdings in the Indonesia company, appointment of any representative as director in the Indonesia company, the appointment of the corporate representative and the authorisation given by the corporate shareholder(s) to the director, if any, and the corporate representative(s) and etc. If the shareholder of the corporate shareholder is also a corporation, please provide a similar set of the documents as mentioned earlier. Such requirement is necessary for all corporate shareholders until the ultimate individual shareholder(s) is/are identified.
  • Kindly provide us with the information of the beneficial owner if he/she is not listed as the named shareholder.
  • Amount of authorised and paid-up share capital – For Local Company (PT), there is no minimum requirement for the share capital; For PMA companies, they are required to register for a minimum authorised and paid-up capital of not less than IDR10,000,000,000/-. There are two alternative ways to demonstrate to the relevant authorities on the existence of the minimum paid-up capital:
    • Furnishing a Capital Statement Letter stating that the shareholders have sufficient funds to inject the capital after the incorporation; or
    • Depositing the monies in the company’s bank account.
  • An address proof of Indonesia registered office address, if any. We can assist in sourcing for Registered Office Service, if required. To sign up for Serviced Offices packages, copies of ID/KTP/Passport and NPWP (if any) of owners, Deed of Establishment (if any) together with MOLHR approval will be required.
  • Kindly provide a written confirmation (email is acceptable) that each of the director(s), nominee director(s), nominator of nominee director(s), shareholders, beneficial owners/controllers, agents (if any) and settlor(s), trustee(s), beneficiary(ies), protector(s), investment manager(s) (for any trust structure), are not a Politically Exposed Person.
  • Address of principal place of business (i.e. place where the business operation is being/to be carried out).
  • What is the source and origin of funds used/to be used in the business? (e.g. Employment / Business / Investment income from Indonesia).
  • Expected location of Indonesia Company’s customers and suppliers.
  • Agents contact information (name, telephone, email, etc.)
  • Agents Copy of passport, proof of foreign residential address and national identity card, if any
  • Agents copy of the registration documents containing the Certificate of Incorporation, and Certificate of Incumbency or equivalent document (Click Certificate of Incumbency to download the sample), if any
  • Copy of the Authorization letter that the customer has appointed the agent to act on his behalf

For foreigner who engaged our local resident director services, kindly provide the extra information of the foreign directors/nominee directors, nominators of nominee directors, shareholders, beneficial owners/controllers as follows for Indonesia company formation:

  • Personal documents i.e bank reference letter (see Sample bank reference letter), recent personal bank statement issued within the last 2 months, Resume / CV.
  • Existing business documents i.e company web site, brochure, certificate of incorporation, business profile, company bank statement, latest financial statement.
  • For those under employment, the information about their current occupation i.e. confirmation letter / testimonial from current employer / employment contract and latest notice of personal income tax assessment.
  • Purpose of setting up the Company in Indonesia (e.g. running of business / investment holding / any other purposes).
  • Estimated annual turnover of the Indonesia Company to be generated from Indonesia and Overseas.
  • Will the business operation be based in Indonesia?
  • Do you need a Indonesia bank account? Please provide the reason.
  • Will you be hiring any local staff in Indonesia?

The Differences Between PT PMA and PT Local Incorporation in Indonesia

  1. PT PMA has minimum requirement for authorise capital and paid up capital;
  2. The percentage of shareholders structure of PT PMA depends on the DNI;
  3. PT PMA is regulated and monitored by the BKPM;
  4. PT PMA is required to submit quarterly investment report to the BKPM.


Advantages of a PT PMA Company Formation

A PT PMA lets you own 100% of the company as a foreigner. Depending on your business industry, the ownership can be anywhere from 0% to 100%. You will need a minimum of 2 shareholders to establish this entity.

The Online Single Submission System (OSS) is overseen by the Coordinating Ministry For Economic Affairs (Kemenko). This is per the Government Regulation Number 24 Year 2018 regarding Licensing. All your licensing requirements must be conducted via the OSS.

Licenses are processed faster than before through this system. If you’re involved in certain industries like hotels and restaurants, you will need a special license to operate.

Foreign investors choose PT PMA as their preferred choice for Indonesia company incorporation for several reasons:

  • You can start doing business legally almost immediately.
  • You will have the same responsibilities and rights as other companies locally.
  • You can take part in all Indonesian tenders as long as you fulfil the tender requirement.
  • You can apply for product registration and business licenses.
  • You can hire foreign employees by applying for the KITAS work visa under your company name.
  • Your foreign visitors and clients can get a business visa sponsored under your company.


You will need to complete your Indonesia company set up before you can open a bank account. To open one, you need to submit a notary statement letter indicating the amount to be transferred incorporate company.


PT PMA Indonesia Company Setup

The process of formation of company in Indonesia for a PT PMA involves several steps. The total time to be taken to finalise the set up will be 4 to 6 weeks.

The procedure involved is as follows:

  • Getting your company name approved at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (1 working day).
  • Notary prepares your Articles of Association (3 working days).
  • Signing process with the Notary, includes deed of establishment, statement letter (1 working day).
  • Approval of your Deed of Establishment by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (3 working days).
  • Getting your Taxpayer Registration Number (2 working days).
  • Certificate of Domicile obtained from your local district office except Jakarta (10 working days).

The final stage involves approval obtained for your Business Registration Number (NIB), Business Permit, Commercial/Operational Permit, Location Permit, Environmental Permit and BPJS. This is done through the Online Single Submission (OSS) System. This takes 2 working days.


Applying for Your Business Registration Number

As part of the Indonesia company incorporation process, you need a Deed of Establishment. This must be approved by the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights (“MOLHR”). You must provide the identity documents of all shareholders, commissioners and directors involved. If your shareholder is a company, you must provide a Deed of Establishment.

PT PMA companies must register with a minimum authorised and paid-up capital of nothing less than IDR10,000,000,000. To prove to the relevant authorities that you have paid, you will need to:

  • Make a deposit in the company’s bank account; or
  • Provide a Capital Statement Letter that states shareholders have sufficiently provided the required funds signed by all shareholders, director and commissioner.


The Articles of Association

All shareholders must sign this document. The signing must be in the presence of a notary public. If any shareholder can’t sign in the presence of a notary, the shareholder can appoint a power of attorney. The power of attorney will act on their behalf.

The notary public will then hand over the documents to MOLHR. Once approved, you will be issued with a Deed of Establishment. If you amend anything in your Articles of Association after the MOLHR approval, you must prepare a Deed of Amendment. You will need to engage the notary public’s services again to prepare the deed.


Choosing Your Business Name

Registration of company in Indonesia has certain formalities to abide by. Like your business name for example. In Indonesia, a business name must be in Roman letters and must not be like an existing name being used by another company.

Your business name must not be contrary to public morality and order. It cannot be like any government, international or state bodies either. That is, unless it has permission to do so.

The business name can’t have a series of letters or numbers that don’t form a proper word. Every business name must have at least 3 words. For PT PMA’s, business names can be in English. You may refer to Guide to Select your Indonesia Company Name for more information.


What Happens After the Indonesia Company Incorporation?

You’re almost ready at this point to start your business. Upon completion of your Indonesia company set up, you can commence the following activities:

  • Open your bank account
  • Hire your employees
  • Buy property and assets
  • Participate in tenders
  • Get permits for foreign employees
  • Get business licenses where needed
  • Report quarterly to BKPM about your PT PMA investments


3E Accounting’s Indonesia Company Incorporation Services

3E Accounting’s experience is like no other. We hire the best so we can provide you with the best possible service at a great Indonesia company incorporation cost. Ready to incorporate your Indonesia company? Contact our friendly consultants today and let us help you with your Indonesia company formation as we are one of the best incorporation companies.

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