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Obtain Reliable Information About a Company With 3E Accounting

As the world’s largest archipelago, Indonesia is home to many businesses. Conduct your company registry search in Indonesia with 3E Accounting, and here’s why.

At 3E Accounting, our due diligence process is unparalleled as we conduct a thorough search into a business.


Why Conduct a Company Registry Search in Indonesia?

When you need reliable information about a company, you need a trusted source you can go to. 3E Accounting, the local industry expert, is that source. Before any kind of dealings with a company, you want to know what you are getting into.

This helps to minimise the credit risk possibilities. The valuable information you gain from your search reports can help you make better business decisions too. With information on your side, you:

  • Improve your customer knowledge base.
  • Understand who your competitors and suppliers are.
  • Benchmark and monitor who your market competitors are.
  • Minimise your commercial and financial risks.
  • Gain insight into a company’s credit-worthiness.
  • Check for any bankruptcy filings or pending lawsuits and litigations.

If you’re planning to conduct business in Indonesia, the more information you have the better. At 3E Accounting, we understand just how valuable this information can be. Our due diligence process is unparalleled as we conduct a thorough search into a business.


What Information Can You Get from Company Registry Search?

A company registry search in Indonesia can provide the following information:

  • Business name
  • Company domicile
  • Nature of business and activities
  • Registered business address
  • Date of the deed of establishment
  • Deed of establishment number
  • Minister’s Decree regarding company ratification
  • Status of expiration for the legal entity
  • Any date of amendments to the Articles of Association
  • Contact details of the shareholders and board members


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Make better business decisions with valuable insight into your hands. For more information about conducting a registry search, get in touch with our friendly team members.

Company Registry Search in Indonesia