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Why Choose Indonesia?

Indonesia is one of the best investment destinations not only in Asia but in the world. Investors are choosing to put up their businesses or regional operations in Indonesia because of the different perks it offers. Among the vibrant industries in the country—which are also filled with foreign investments—are manufacturing and mining.

Indonesia has one of the most massive demographics in the world, making it a valuable market. Following China and India, Indonesia has the biggest domestic market in the Asian region. Its residents are also welcoming of foreign products and services, which makes the country’s businesses a viable trading partner.

At the same time, its gross domestic products have been showing a healthy trend. On average, Indonesia’s economy is growing at an outstanding rate of 6 per cent per year.

The government has also established 65 double taxation avoidance agreements with different countries, making its tax regime more attractive. Meanwhile, its special economic zone is also offering many tax incentives for businesses in the line of manufacturing goods for exports.

Indeed, Indonesia is the place to be for investors. Let us compare how Indonesia is faring compared with other countries’ business landscape. Following are the in-depth discussions of different business climates.