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Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Indonesia – 3E Accounting is Ready to Help


Meet Your Financial Reporting Requirements With the Help of 3E Accounting

Eliminate the worry of meeting your company’s financial reporting requirements with the help of 3E Accounting’s Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Indonesia.


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3E Accounting Indonesia provides the full range of Accounting and Bookkeeping Services that are both cost effective and efficient.


Why You Need Indonesia Accounting and Bookkeeping Services?

All Indonesia companies based in the country must abide by its tax and finance regulations. Corporate and income tax processes in Indonesia are critical, and you must comply with them in a timely manner. You must also ensure you are meeting the local compliance requirements when reporting.

Outsourcing accounting services is by far the most cost-effective decision a company can make. A professional full-service agency like 3E Accounting will ensure that your business is always in accordance with the local government’s standard operating procedure requirements.

Being a popular destination for many international businesses and investors, it is important to maintain a competitive edge. Keeping your financial records timely and accurate is one way to achieve that.


What Do Accounting and Bookkeeping Involve?

Bookkeeping ServicesA business will go through a multitude of transactions in a year. Income and expenses must be recorded for every transaction. Your financial statements need to be a true and accurate reflection of what has taken place in your business.

All PT PMA registered companies will be required to report their financial status and make tax payments. Among the taxes that must be paid include VAT, Luxury Goods Sales Tax (LGST), withholding taxes, annual and monthly taxes.

Auditing is the process of inspecting your company’s accounts, books, documents and vouchers. This will be done in an independent and systematic manner so the outcome is fair. Auditing keeps track of any possible mistakes that might have occurred.

Accounting, on the other hand, is a bookkeeping method. This method must follow the Indonesian Government’s standards.

If your business has a domicile in Indonesia, it will be treated as a tax resident company. Therefore, it will be obliged to make the necessary tax payments. To meet your tax obligations, you will need an accounting firm to handle the payment and reporting on your behalf. Alternatively, you may opt for a tax consultant to handle your tax affairs.


Things You Must Consider While Hiring Bookkeeping Services

While many companies claim to offer bookkeeping services, not all of them can render the same quality. You should be very strict in terms of your expectations and work with a company that can offer what you want.

These are the things you must look for in a bookkeeping service provider.

Safety of Your Data

One of the biggest concerns of outsourcing bookkeeping is data security. Your company’s information can be leaked because of the bookkeeper’s negligence or wrong intentions. And since financial data is always sensitive, this could even cause a hazard to your existence.

Hence, you should ask your service provider’s privacy policy. You would want them to be clear on how they protect and secure your data and what actions you can take if they do the wrong thing.

Don’t forget to ask yourself- what would it entail if the bookkeeping service provider were caught leaking data? Would it matter to them and their business?

References of Past Work

In many ways, you depend on your bookkeeper for your company’s legal well-being. The errors made by the bookkeeper can be costly, especially if it is about statutory requirements.

You have to make sure that your bookkeeper has enough knowledge in your field. On the other hand, if you work in a sector with special requirements, you would want to outsource with a firm that can do all the research to offer you the services you require.

Hence, before hiring a bookkeeping service provider, knowing if they’ve worked with businesses like you before is mandatory. Even if not, ask yourself if you trust them so much to produce perfect results the first time?

Transparency About Fees

You wouldn’t want to pay more than what you agreed to. Good bookkeeping services don’t have hidden fees. Or, let’s say, they don’t need to have hidden fees as they can sustain themselves with their quality and referrals.

Don’t forget to understand if the bookkeeping services are very open about their costs. If they are, it’s more likely that they are priced according to industry standards. After all, it shows that they aren’t afraid of being exposed to ultra-high fees.

Please be extra careful when signing the contract with the firm you hire. Most of the hidden fees are included there in such a way that they aren’t very apparent.

Credentials and Certifications

While academic certifications are still paramount for someone to be an accountant or a bookkeeper, you will also need to ask for reviews. In Indonesia, the Certified Public Accountant qualification is the ‘gold standard’ for accounting and financial experts.

In addition to the academic qualification and certification, check the firm’s reviews on web listings and social media. If you have many options, weigh the pros and cons of working with each service provider before making a decision.

Priority for Your Company

While some accounting services have good skills, they may not give enough priority to each of their clients. Most firms are known to look for bigger enterprises as clients, which can affect their deliveries with startups and SMEs.

Hence, if you are running a smaller business, it will be more beneficial for you to work with an accounting firm that specially caters to businesses of your size. This will ensure that you get enough priority and the bookkeeper will keep regular accounts.


How 3E Accounting Can Help?

The tax reporting and accounting rules can be complicated. 3E Accounting provides the full range of Accounting and Bookkeeping Services that are both cost-effective and efficient.

We help you meet your compliance requirements so you never have to worry about missing a deadline. Our tailor-made solutions ensure that each service is specifically geared toward your business needs.

Let our experienced staff save you both time and money. For the full range of our services, contact our team of professionals today.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Indonesia