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Manage Your Corporate Affairs the Better Way With Our Business Solutions Services in Indonesia

Corporate affairs in managing a business are problems that business owners know too well. Much of your time, energy and money is poured into the makings of the business and to solve unavoidable complications that occur every now and then. Fortunately, 3E Accounting has just the right business solution services in Indonesia for you to start managing your organizational needs.

3E Accounting has just the right business solution services in Indonesia for you to start managing your organizational needs.


Why Choose 3E Accounting Indonesia?

Originating from Singapore, our award-winning services has spanned over 80 countries across the globe with satisfied clients and successful businesses. We are a multinational corporate solutions provider who is eager to help you manage your corporate needs, no matter how big or small. 3E Accounting Indonesia offers a wide range of services backed up with the best in their field professionals, aimed to help you make informed decisions for your business.


What Can We Offer You?

Among 3E Accounting’s top-notch business solution services in Indonesia’s are:

Company Set-Up

We understand that company set-up sounds like an insurmountable task. Fret not! With our service, you can now start your very own company, regardless if it is big, medium or small. 3E Accounting Indonesia will guide you step by step to open your business bank accounts, native as well as offshore. Not only that, but you can also purchase ready-made shelf companies in Indonesia.

Corporate Secretarial Services

Don’t know where to begin with paperwork? Our secretarial service comprises of registration and deregistration of businesses, incorporation certification, notarization and legalization of documents. Our team will meticulously work on your papers, so leave your worries at the door!


Our firm has the highest level of excellence and is formally recognized by ACCA. We offer accounting system set up, preparation of statements, bookkeeping and development of consolidated accounts all under one roof.


Proper tax management goes a long way; if you do not carefully delegate your taxes, your business could potentially face a colossal taxation risk. That’s why it is crucial to get the right help from trained experts, like us from 3E Accounting Indonesia. We will notify you in changes on IRD, filing various forms of taxes and delegate all your withholding taxes.

Human Resources

Employees are the driving force in a company. We will conduct a thorough recruitment process to filter suitable candidates with the proper aptitude and expertise aligned with the company’s vision for the job. Not only that, but we will also handle payroll, drafting employment contracts, consultation and outsourcing services.


Don’t miss track of your business performance with poor auditing. Let us set up the statutory auditing and take care of the entire auditing process on your company’s behalf.


Avoid legal hurdles with our professionals, who are trained to assist in navigating through the many legal considerations. We provide intellectual property, trademark and licensing management services in Indonesia.

Software Sale and Development

Access your business from anywhere in the world through us. 3E Accounting Indonesia is partnered with Xero; we are a reseller of the cloud accounting software, helping clients everywhere to enjoy a swift and hassle-free accounting experience. Through us, you can also have access to other useful accounting software, such as ABSS and QuickBooks.

We offer virtual office set-up, immigration procedures, business advisory, other jurisdiction set-ups, and so much more! 3E Accounting Indonesia is your one-stop provider that houses company incorporation, bookkeeping and accounting, tax, secretarial, human resources and legal services.


Where Do I Sign Up?

3E Accounting Indonesia is your one-stop, no-nonsense provider for all services related to business management. Our team of multi-disciplinary professionals are ever ready to assist you in addressing your corporate needs. Let our experts help you with your bona fide services to help you exceed your standards. For more information, consult us at 3E Accounting Indonesia today!

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