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KITAS and Work Permit in Indonesia – An Overview


Live and Work in Indonesia With the Valid Legal Permits

Although Indonesia has several visa options for foreigners to enter and stay in the country legally, KITAS and a work permit called IMTA is the most commonly used.

KITAS (also referred to as ITAS) and IMTA allow foreigners to legally work and live in the country. As of November 2018, IMTA has been combined with TELEX, another visa. This is done in the form of a supposed “Notification”. The validity period remains the same as the length of the employment contract.

Package Fees for KITAS and Work Permit Application in Indonesia

Packages Available Fee (IDR)
KITAS and Work Permit Application IDR 25 million

3E Accounting are well-versed with local legislation and its requirements. Hence, we are in the best position to ensure you comply with all the requirements of any visa application.


About the KITAS Permit

KITAS is a Temporary Stay Permit Card also a working visa which can be used by foreign investors (PMA owner). Sometimes it is referred to as “working KITAS”. To legally work on a temporary basis in Indonesia, this visa is a necessity. The visa must be sponsored only by an Indonesia company. You cannot sponsor your own visa individually.

The duration of your KITAS visa depends on your job position. The normal range is between 6-12 months. It goes alongside the Multiple Exit Re-Entry Permit (MERP).


About the IMTA Work Permit

If you are a foreigner and you plan to get an income or work locally, you must have an IMTA. This must be approved before your arrival. The Ministry of Manpower and numerous immigration offices will be involved in the procedure. Foreigners can only work in Indonesia with a valid work permit.

IMTA’s requirements are strict. Several job positions and business sectors are off-limits to foreigners as stipulated on the Decree of Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration No. 40 Year 2012 regarding certain position that prohibited for foreigners.


About Investor KITAS

This type of visa is another option for foreigners. These visa has two categories to choose from:

  • The 1-year KITAS (Index 313)
  • The 2-year KITAS (Index 314)


This visa option has several noticeable benefits, which includes:

  • Easy application
  • Work permit fee waived
  • No need to pay the USD1,200 yearly fee if you meet investment requirements
  • Able to start work immediately


To be eligible, an investor needs to have an investment of at least IDR 1 billion in the share capital of a company. The company’s share capital must be at least IDR 10 billion.  To sponsor an investor, and if your company has just been established, you need to wait until all the business licenses have been completed through the online single submission system (“OSS”).


Other Types of KITAS

Other types of available KITAS options include retirement KITAS and KITAS for children and spouses classified as dependents.

There are 2 types of KITAS sponsor:

  1. Your spouse, if you are married with an Indonesian citizen for at least 2 years
  2. Your employer’s company.


Obtaining Your KITAS and Work Permit in Indonesia

The Presidential Regulation (No. 20/2018) was introduced to simplify how foreign workers can secure a work permit in the country.

Given the circumstances, it is advisable that you engage a consultant or visa agent to handle your permit application. Agents like 3E Accounting are well-versed and familiar with the local legislation and its requirements. Hence, we are in the best position to ensure you comply with all the requirements of any visa application.

Investors who want to apply for a KITAS might struggle to do so without prior employment. For such cases, 3E Accounting provides local sponsorship and advisory services too.

Requirement documents to obtain your KITAS:


  1. Complete the form
  2. Photocopies and originals of the national passport or travel documents and proof of visa;
  3. Photocopy and original KITAS (for those who already have KITAS)
  4. Application letter from the Guarantor
  5. Guaranteed letter from the stamped guarantor
  6. KTP (E-KTP) Guarantor
  7. Domicile Letter
  8. Power of Attorney if a person has been assigned o do the process



  1. Deed of establishment and Ministry of Law an Human Rights Approval (“MOLHR Approval”)
  2. Investment Approval Letter
  3. Business Identity Numbers (“NIB”)
  4. Company Tax Number


Requirement documents to obtain your IMTA:

  1. Evidence of DKPTKA (Dana Kompensasi Penggunaan Tenaga Kerja Asing/Foreign Manpower Utilisation Compensation Fund Levy) payment through a government bank designated by the Minister.
  2. Decision of endorsement of RPTKA (Rencana Penggunaan Tenaga Kerja Asing/Foreign Manpower Utilisation Plan) (not required for a shareholder with position as a member of a Board of Directors or Board of Commissioners; a diplomatic or consular officer at an embassy and an employee of a government department designated by the relevant minister).
  3. Deed of Establishment and MOLHR Approval.
  4. NIB and other business licenses.
  5. Passport of the TKA (Tenaga Kerja Asing/Foreign Worker) to be employed.
  6. Colour photo of the TKA (size 4 x 6 cm).
  7. Appointment letter(s) of Indonesian labor companion (TKI pendamping).
  8. Have education in accordance with the conditions of the position to be occupied by TKA.
  9. Have a competency certificate or have work experience in accordance with the position to be occupied by TKA for at least 5 (five) years.
  10. Draft work agreements or appointments for work.
  11. Proof of an insurance policy at an insurance company incorporated in Indonesia.
  12. Recommendations from authorized agencies if needed for TKA to be employed by TKA employers.


These submission of your KITAS and IMTA are through online system.


What if I Only Need a Short-term Visa?

The KITAS and work permit options in Indonesia are best suited for investors who wish to stay in the country long-term. However, there are instances when investors only need to be in the county for a shorter period. This may be to handle any business affairs temporarily.

If that is the case, you will not need a KITAS to enter the country. What you will require is a business visa. This visa is a lot more straightforward in terms of their requirements when compared to the KITAS. Should you apply for this visa, you will only be allowed to stay in the country no more than 60-days. This is per visit. Extensions are an option if there is a need for it.

It should also be noted that this visa option does not allow you to obtain income in the country. If you need a business visa, you may choose from the following options:

  • The Single-Entry Visa – This gives you a single entry into the country.
  • The Multiple Entry Visa – You may go in and out of Indonesia multiple times. This will be valid for up to a year.


Need a Visa in Indonesia?

Ready to get started? The visa application process requires a lot of back and forth effort between you and the Indonesian Government. Why not let us take care about that for you so you could focus your time and resources towards your business?. Contact our team today for more information.

KITAS and Work Permit in Indonesia