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Virtual and Serviced Office in Indonesia – The Most Cost-effective Solution


The Perfect Co-working Space is Easier Than You Think

Virtual and Serviced Office in IndonesiaWith demand on the rise and a local workforce that is growing rapidly, Indonesia is well positioned to make your business dreams a reality. If the idea of renting an office premise does not seem like the best solution, there’s another option to consider. A virtual office or serviced office in Indonesia. Find the amenities, ideal workspace and plenty of networking opportunities with a virtual and serviced office options in Indonesia.


Why Choose Virtual Office and Serviced Office in Indonesia?

Beginning a new venture abroad is both an exciting and challenging opportunity. Many investors would like the possibility to testing the waters prior to putting down permanent roots. To make the necessary connections and understand the local market better before committing to a big investment, a virtual office is the answer.

Focus your energies on researching the local market without worrying about the high cost of renting a permanent office premise. Both vibrant and inspiring, a virtual office allows you to meet the requirement of having an office address to fulfil your company incorporation prerequisite.

You can still run all official business matters while your daily operations take place elsewhere. New start-up businesses love the flexibility and affordability of a virtual option. It is much easier to set one up now since the Indonesian government regulates and recognises this option as a way for investors to start a business.

These virtual solutions have been growing in popularity, especially in commercial hubs like Jakarta. However, this option is not available to all companies. Regulations tend to change in Indonesia too, so before you pursue this pathway, it is advisable to consult a professional agency for advice.


Are Foreign Companies Allowed to Set Up a Serviced or Virtual Office?

Foreign companies (PT PMA) could previously use virtual offices as their registered business address. However, new regulations announced in May 2019 saw certain changes imposed. Under the new regulations, foreign companies are implicitly allowed to use virtual or serviced office services only from vendors with Value-Added Tax (VAT) certificates.

Like many of Indonesia’s regulations, this is likely to change in the future. Therefore, a virtual office might now be the ideal option yet for some foreign companies. It depends on what the nature of your business will be focused on. However, if you wish your company to be a VAT-able (pengusaha kena pajak – PKP) company since the beginning, virtual office is not preferable. Unless you would like to start with a non VAT-able  (pengusaha kena pajak – PKP) company, then virtual office is the answer.

Companies where a virtual office may not be the best option include companies in following categories:

  • Tourism
  • Construction
  • E-commerce
  • Transport
  • Event
  • Property developers
  • VAT-able (pengusaha kena pajak – PKP) companies


If a virtual office is not suitable for your business, there is always the option of a physical office premise to fall back on.


How to Set Up a Virtual and Serviced Office?

To register your business as a legal entity, you must have a designated business address. Residential addresses are not permitted. Register your business as per the usual procedure and contact a suitable vendor to secure a virtual office address. Alternatively, you may contact 3E Accounting for assistance for all-in-one virtual office and serviced offices package. Our associates provide:

  • Flexible options for lease terms
  • Premium business address in highly strategic locations
  • Professional personal assistant services to handle mails and telephone calls
  • Located close to amenities like banks
  • Meeting rooms for rental on hourly rates
  • Processing your domicile in local district
  • Dedicated phone office number with receptionist
  • Receiving and direct forwarding of incoming calls
  • Receiving incoming mails


If you wish to change your domicile or registered office address in the future, you need to amend your Deed of Establishment which requires you to engage a Notary public. But if the district area is still the same than you don’t need to change the Deed but only the address on the Domicile license. And this will cost you more, so make sure you choose the right district area in Jakarta, to avoid having to change the Deed and only changing the domicile address.

Thanks to the virtual and the serviced office alternative, businesses get to fulfil their incorporation requirement and save cost simultaneously. If your business is a small start-up or focused mainly on fieldwork, this is by far the most cost-effective solution to consider.


Need an Office Space?

3E Accounting in partnership with reputable service offices has a range of virtual and service office in Indonesia. Our flexible and all-inclusive plans ensure that there is something for everyone and an ideal package for every budget. For a suitable location that meets your business needs, contact us for enquiries today.

Virtual and Serviced Office in Indonesia