Payroll Outsourcing and Processing Services in Indonesia – 3E Accounting is Ready to Help


Let 3E Accounting Simplify Your HR and Payroll Processing

Running a business and handling HR matters is hard enough. With our Payroll Outsourcing and Processing Services in Indonesia, it doesn’t have to be.

3E Accounting Indonesia experienced HR and payroll specialists are well-versed in all matters related to payroll.


Why Outsource Your Payroll and Processing?

In Indonesia, payroll processing can pose a challenge, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the ever-changing regulations. Effective payroll management requires a significant investment of your time and knowledgeable understanding of the local labour law and regulations. For this reason, an in-house payroll processing department can be quite costly and complex.

Payroll and tax regulations in Indonesia are of the utmost importance. It will affect your tax reporting and social security. Therefore, it makes more sense to outsource your payroll and processing matters to the experts who specialise in this area. Experienced professionals like 3E Accounting who will guarantee payroll and processing always adheres to the local regulations.


3E Accounting is the Best Fit for Your Business

Whether you’re about to set up your business in Indonesia or already established, working with 3E makes your experience a much better one. We handle your HR and payroll related matters so you can focus your energy on taking your business to the next level.

Our experienced HR and payroll specialists are well-versed in all matters related to payroll. Our payroll and processing services will provide your business with a tailor-made solution and one point of contact to make communication easier.

As part of our Indonesia payroll services, we offer:

  • Payroll handling.
  • Administration and attendance.
  • Payment, reporting, and tax calculations to ensure compliance.
  • Payment on behalf of staff salaries.
  • Ensuring your employees are registered with the Social Insurance Administration Organisation (BPJS) in Indonesia.
  • Calculation of your contributions as a business to the National Insurance Programs BPJS and JKN in Indonesia.
  • Consultation to handle employee termination.

Payroll Outsourcing and Processing Services Indonesia