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HR Consulting and Advisory Services in Indonesia Are Crucial to the Makings of a Successful Company. Discover How We Can Help You Today!

Do you own a business, or are you looking to improve an existing one in Indonesia? You are in the right place! We understand that running a business is no easy feat, which is why we are determined to bring you the best services to your business. We, at 3E Accounting, offer HR consulting and advisory services in Indonesia to help your business thrive to the max. The world’s largest archipelago is a vast and diverse market, with more than 267 million people. Bring your company to the next level in Indonesia with our team ready by your side.

3E Accounting is dedicated to serving you the best HR consulting and advisory services in Indonesia. Our firm has a one-stop solution for all your human resources and advisory needs. From recruiting to retirement, allow us to handle the tedious processes, while you focus on strategizing your Indonesia company. 3E Accounting Indonesia offers a multitude of human resources and advisory services, which spans over areas of planning, creating, drafting, developing, training and coordinating administrative functions so your business can run smoothly.

3E Accounting is dedicated to serving you the best HR consulting and advisory services in Indonesia.


Why Should I Outsource?

Outsourcing human resources and advisory requirements are being adopted by more companies every day for two excellent reasons: one, it saves you a lot of money and reaps you better, quicker results and two, you get access to professionals who are trained in the field for years to handle your HR needs. Proper human resources consulting and advisory services are crucial to the well-being and growth of a company. Therefore, hiring a team of consults and legal experts to regulate conducts in your organization is definitely a smart decision.


3E Accounting HR Consulting and Advisory Services in Indonesia

3E Accounting’s HR consulting and advisory services has a proven track record of success all over the world, including Indonesia. We pride ourselves in delivering only the best to our clients the best. Our cost-effective service includes:


Our firm will attract the right employees for your organization through precise job vacancies. We will then conduct an in-depth interview where we carefully screen potential candidates by their education and work experience. We will ensure your future employees align with your company’s policies and objectives.


After recruiting, we will patiently coach the newcomers on their job scope from start to finish. Through the right training and guidance, your employees will continuously improve their job performance and evolve to be better at every opportunity. This helps them to build character and at the same time, carry out their duties and responsibilities with the utmost integrity.


Our team of experts in 3E Accounting are specially trained in drafting contracts, official letters, handbooks, agreements, terms and conditions, applications, memorandums and payrolls that will comply with the Indonesian laws and regulations.


The well-being of both employer and employees are our topmost priority. We conduct surveys to assess job satisfaction, loyalty and company culture. Your concerns, problems and issues will be heard loud and clear by us. We will provide assistance to help your employees to overcome their obstacles and offer suggestions, advice and ways to solve them.

Compliance Management

Legal professionals and consultants will help you to understand law and regulations. With us, you can be confident your organization is compliant and obeys legal standards. The companies’ policies will always be actively communicated and followed in an ethical manner.

…and so much more. Our experts in audit, accounting, taxation, and legal form a large firm in helping people to build their businesses successfully.


Where Do I Go From Here?

HRs do more than just filing papers and balancing chequebooks. We are committed to meeting the mission of your organization and bringing your visions of the company and its employees to life. 3E Accounting Indonesia believes that happy employees equal to a prospered organization. Having the right HR consulting and advisory services is vital as it can make or break businesses and their future ventures. So, come over and confer with 3E Accounting’s HR consulting and advisory services in Indonesia and find out how you can make your business flourish today!

HR Consulting and Advisory Services in Indonesia