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What Rubber Stamps Are Used for in Indonesia

A company stamp or chop in Indonesia is also called rubber stamps sometimes. There are three options available that currently exist: Traditional, self-inking (rubber), pre-inking (rubber).

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What Are the Company Stamps Used for?

A company stamp or chop in Indonesia has been around for a long time. More than 100 years, in fact. In its early stages, these stamps were originally made of wood. Today, they are made of plastic and other heavy-duty, long-lasting materials.

Most of the time, the company stamps are used on envelops, business letters and company credentials. It is a way of “marking” them in an official capacity. It certainly is a time-saver for businesses to just stamp their seal of approval instead of manually signing documents. Like many other countries, the company stamp or chop in Indonesia is adopted as an official seal of approval for a company’s documents.


Are These Stamps the Same as a Common Seal?

Yes, the company chop of the stamp in Indonesia is different from a corporate seal. Rubber stamps like these are used for administrative purposes. Most of the time, they are used to indicate a document is authentic. Sometimes, these stamps might have the business’s image on them. It is widely accepted as the formal signature of the company. Without a stamp, documents have no legal value.

When documents are notarized, the notary sometimes accompanies it with a personalised rubber stamp. The stamp has the relevant details of the notary included. These stamps are also available in a digital version. Rubber stamps are easy to use and refillable.

Corporate seals or common seals, on the other hand, is not to be taken lightly. It was legal consequences for an Indonesia company. Therefore, only certain authorised personnel should be given access to use them on the company’s behalf.

These chops or stamps should only be used on very important documents. The limited use is to protect from being misused or taken lightly. Activities like business meetings, service level agreements or seller agreements, for example, are not important enough to warrant the use of the seal. Reserve your usage only for documents that matter.

Companies are not the only one in Indonesia who use this common seal. Even Government agencies too. Common seals are used to certify certain essential records. This includes birth, marriage, and death certificates. Company stamps or chops carry legal weight because they are used to certify that documents are genuine. It indicates that a company’s documents are authentic. Where essential records are concerned, it is absolutely necessary that these stamps are not misused. It could get the company into big trouble.


What Do These Stamps Look Like?

Company stamp or chop in Indonesia is available in several colours like red, black, and blue. These are the three most common colours preferred by companies.

Company Stamp or Chop in Indonesia