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Application of KITAP and Stay Permit in Indonesia


Permanently Reside in Indonesia With the KITAP/ITAP and Stay Permit

The Permanent Stay Permit Card/Kartu Izin Tinggal Tetap (“KITAP”) in Indonesia is a permanent stay type of visa. It lets foreigners stay in the country for a longer period without frequent visa renewals.

The visa is valid for 5-years and foreigners must meet several requirements to be eligible. Without this visa, foreigners need to renew or extend their visas either monthly, quarterly or annually. It would depend on your visa type. KITAP can be extended.

It is important to note that with a KITAP and KITAS, you are not allowed to work in the country. You must still apply for a work permit if you want to seek full-time employment in Indonesia.

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Who Can Apply for KITAP and Stay Permit in Indonesia?

To be eligible for this visa, you must meet several conditions. Generally, only those who were previously on the KITAS visa (short-term stay permit) may apply. The duration and amount of KITAS extensions, however, varies.

Eligible candidates include foreigners:

  • With a spouse who is Indonesian
  • Who intends to retire in the country
  • Who are commissioners, investors or directors. They must be in a PT PMA company (Indonesia Limited Liability Company)
  • Indonesians intending to regain citizenship
  • Who holds a Temporary Residence Permit


KITAP given to foreigners can also be given to (given directly without going through a status transfer):

  • former subjects of children with dual citizenship of the Republic of Indonesia who choose foreign citizenship;
  • children born in Indonesia to foreigners who hold a permanent residence permit; and
  • Indonesian citizens who lost Indonesian citizenship in the Indonesian Territory.


A KITAP application is submitted by completing the application form and attaching the following:

  • a valid National Passport;
  • a photocopy of a valid Limited Stay Permit;
  • certificate of domicile;
  • statement of integration that has been signed by the person concerned; and
  • recommendations from related government agencies and / or institutions.


KITAP is given for a period of 5 (five) years and can be extended for an unlimited period of time as long as the Stay Permit is not cancelled.

Application for transfer of KITAS status to KITAP is submitted by Tenaga Kerja Asing/foreign workers (“TKA”) by filling in the application form attaching the following:

  • certificate of residence issued by the Department of Population and Civil Registration;
  • a valid National Passport containing a Limited Stay Permit impression;
  • KITAS;
  • guarantee letter from the Guarantor;
  • identity card and Guarantor or Guarantor’s family card;
  • a KITAS or KITAP in the case of a Guarantor or Person in Charge of foreign citizenship;
  • Statement of Integration except for children who are under 18 years old and not yet married; and
  • sufficient power of attorney, if the application is filed through a power of attorney.


In addition, the TKA must also provides:

  • permission to employ foreign workers from government agencies that carry out government affairs in the field of employment;
  • KITAS which shows that the person concerned has lived more than 3 (three) consecutive years in the territory of Indonesia; and
  • the position concerned is the highest management of the company or the head of representatives of foreign companies operating in the territory of Indonesia.


This means, to obtain a KITAP, a TKA who has a KITAS must have lived more than 3 (three) consecutive years in Indonesia, signed a Statement of Integration to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, and held the position of the highest leader of the company or the head of a foreign company representative operates in Indonesia.

If you’re applying for a KITAP as an investor, you must:

  • Be an investor who holds the position of a commissioner or director with provisional ownership of a minimum of Rp 1 billion (or the US Dollar equivalent).
  • Be an investor with provisional ownership of a minimum of Rp10 billion (or the US Dollar equivalent) if you don’t hold the position of a commissioner or director.


When applying for an Investor KITAP, you must submit the following documents together with the application form:

  • Passport and/or IMTA
  • KITAS which is still valid
  • Domicile letter
  • Integration statement letter
  • Recommendation letter from the related government


If you are an Indonesia reclaiming citizenship, you will need to submit your Identity Card (KTP) and Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP).


Cancelling Your KITAP and Stay Permit in Indonesia

Your visa can be cancelled if the following conditions occur:

  • You have not disclosed the correct information on your application form
  • You employ unauthorised workers who are foreigners
  • Your marriage to an Indonesian is ending in divorce (unless you have been married for more than 10 years)
  • You have committed a crime
  • You are involved in activities that threaten state and national security
  • You have violated the Integration Statement
  • You are subject to the Immigration Administration Action


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KITAP and Stay Permit in Indonesia