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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Incorporate in Brazil

Company Incorporate in BrazilYou may be pondering on where to begin when it comes to company incorporate in Brazil. With its huge population, Brazil presents any aspiring investor whether local or foreign with a chance of huge ripe benefits.

With the favorable tax regime and the government incentives, you can incorporate your company provided you have the right documents.

Now, with that in mind, the registration process may at certain times be cumbersome or time-consuming, but the moment you consult 3E Accounting Indonesia, you’ll get satisfactory services.

Some of the services may include the following:

  • Business setup
  • Accounting and auditing services.
  • Legal and taxation services.
  • Payroll and human resources services
  • Business license renewal.

You only need to grab that opportunity at your own convenient time.


Registration and Approval of Business Name

Company incorporate in Brazil begins by the registration and approval of business name by the Registry. Before you present your business name at the State Commercial Registry, you must ensure that the name is unique and relates to the nature of the business.


Company Registration Identification Number

Now, the Company’s Act stipulates that you have a constitution in place that governs the affairs of the company. You must also ensure that you have an Articles of Association, a copy of the National Register Application alongside the standard application ready with all the information. The Board of Trade will then issue you a company Registration Identification Number (NIRE) the moment you submit the following documents:

  • A certificate of the company name.
  • Certification of payment of the registration fees (DARF)
  • An official request for registration.
  • An accredited copy of Identification documents of the shareholders and the directors.

For the record, the Registration Identification number (NIRE) enables you to register as a taxpayer.


Investing in Brazil

Any investor planning to invest in Brazil can do so easily; you only need to decide on the type of business structure. If you’re a foreigner, you have a choice of either going for a Branch or a Subsidiary. In the event you choose to set up a Branch, you must ensure that you seek the certification from the Federal Executive Branch of Brazil. This type of business is preferable to investors who want to venture into financial institutions or airline companies.


National Registry of Legal Entities

It follows that each business must register as a taxpayer with the National Registry of Legal Entities. The good news is that you can attain the CNPJ number through the National Registry portal. And much to the benefits of investors, the Federal Revenue Services has now a streamlined procedure within the National Network for Simplification of Registration and Legalization of Business.

An applicant needs to have the application form (FCPJ) and the key entry form (DBE) to be able to get on with the process. But in case that may seem demanding, you may a pay courtesy visit at 3E Accounting Indonesia and get the best service on taxation from highly qualified professionals.


Limited Liability Company

When it comes to company incorporate in Brazil, investors prefer to go for Limited Liability Company as compared to another type of business structure. Now for you to incorporate a Limited Liability Company you’ll be required to meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum of two shareholders referred in other terms Quota holder
  • One director and a legal representative that must be a Brazilian resident

At this point, there is no minimum paid-up capital needed.


Business Licenses

It’s no doubt that for you to operate a business in Brazil your business must have a business license. 3E Accounting Indonesia offers the services whether you’re looking for a renewal of a formal new application. Our staff will ensure that you get your license at the most appropriate time.


Social Security Institution

As part of other post-registration processes, it follows that you must register your company with Social Security Institution (INSS) as far as company incorporate in Brazil is concerned.


3E Accounting Services

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Company Incorporate in Brazil