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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Incorporate in Bulgaria

Company Incorporate in BulgariaAn ever-growing service sector, favourable tax system, and a strategic location make Bulgaria a preferred business destination for investors. A getaway between Europe and Asia, Bulgaria offers a qualified workforce and an English speaking population, which means that there are many supportive factors for those looking to company incorporate in Bulgaria.

However, registering a company in Bulgaria isn’t such an easy thing to do for foreigners because of formalities and confusions. And thus, to help investors with that, 3E Accounting is finally now in Bulgaria.

3E Accounting Indonesia has now partnered with business, accounting and tax experts from Bulgaria who is going to help investors with company incorporation in the country. Which means from now on, if you want a company in Bulgaria, all you need to do is call 3E Accounting.

From selecting a company name to registration certificate and even corporate bank account, we will do everything for you, as you save time and effort to work on your business tactics.


Two Options for Those Who Are Looking for a Company Incorporate in Bulgaria

Investors have two options if they want to incorporate a company in Bulgaria. They could either buy a Bulgarian Shelf Company or register their own company from the bottom up.

The Bulgarian Shelf Company

The Bulgarian Shelf Company is one that has already been registered. The company is ‘empty’ at the moment, and you can start to work on it. A Bulgarian shelf company has a registered address, a name and tax files; all you need to do is buy one according to your need and start doing business in the country.

You can contact 3E Accounting if you want a Bulgarian Shelf Company. You can tell us your requirements, and we will go through our large pages of listings to find the best company that suits your needs.

Registering your Own Company

On the other hand, you could register your own company in Bulgaria. It includes settling on the company name (which needs to be unique), choosing the type of business and finally providing necessary documents.


Types of Business Entities in Bulgaria

Among the various kinds of business entities in Bulgaria, foreigns are either want in an LLC or a Joint Stock company in Bulgaria.

Limited Liability Company in Bulgaria

It is especially suited for small to medium-size businesses. There should be at least one director, and he/she doesn’t necessarily need to be a Bulgaria resident. The company should file monthly VAT records only if the profit exceeds EUR 25,000.

Joint Stock Company in Bulgaria

It is for bigger businesses, and there should be at least two founders. There are two types of Joint Stock Companies in Bulgaria, the Closed Joint Stock Company and the Open Joint Stock Company.

In an Open Joint Stock company, the shares are freely transferable and the minimum share capital is EUR 50,000.

On the other hand, shares aren’t freely transferable in a closed joint-stock company. The minimum share capital requirement is EUR 25,000.


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