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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Incorporate in Costa Rica

Company Incorporate in Costa RicaCosta Rica is a Central American country known for its rainforests and coastlines that extend majestically from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea. The geographic location makes this place wonderful for company incorporate in Costa Rica. Otherwise, it is a natural wonder – a paradise for nature lovers and a getaway from the debilitating lifestyle. It is one of the few countries in the world that has no army, and still, the people out there live a peaceful life and this should thrill you to get your company incorporated in Costa Rica. One can reach Costa Rica either by air or water, whichever fits them best and with this connectivity, logistics, and supply chain department can be well managed.

The country has a very stable political climate and economic development. Therefore, the state is economically steady, and the business environment is friendly enough making company registration in Costa Rica smooth. This keeps it in position to back the investors and charms them from across the globe to expand their business here. The team at 3E Accounting Indonesia is exceptionally professional at company incorporation in Costa Rica.


Different Business Entities in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has three operational business entities that function vividly as per the stipulation of the business objectives and scope of the business. Here at 3E Accounting, we will facilitate you with a selection of an appropriate business entity.

  • The corporation/ joint-stock: for an investor to start a business in Costa Rica, a minimum of two shareholders with no established minimum capital need to draft a public document with bylaws. The company shareholders and public notary will sign it.
  • Limited Liability Company: Here the shareholders need to employ at least one general manager and the shares/quotas invested have no minimum capital. Anyway, they must be divisible by 100.
  • The branches of the foreign company: They integrate the public deed branches of foreign countries with the public deed. The power of attorney of the foreign country will sign it as well as the public notary.

3E Accounting expertise will help you in selecting the right business entity to start the company incorporate in Costa Rica.


Requirements for Registration Purpose – Company Incorporate in Costa Rica

The following information should submit when applying for Costa Rica corporate affairs and IP office:

  • Propose more than one company names
  • Mention or indicate the company directors’ names
  • An official address that is registered in Costa Rica is to be given
  • Mention the company’s shareholders details
  • Give the details of the business in Costa Rica
  • Submit the MoM and AoA


The Business Registration Process in Costa Rica

Costa Rica serves business-friendly policies that make the process involved with “doing business” relatively convenient and straight-forward. The company also has to apply for a VAT along with incorporation certificate to the custom and excise department. Apart from that, it also has to register with the Inland Revenue Board. Based on the type of business, a proper license is to be obtained to carry appropriate business and trading exercises in Costa Rica.


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Company Incorporate in Costa Rica