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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Incorporate in Cyprus

Company Incorporate in CyprusCyprus has a simple economic structure with no complex complainers making it suitable for residents and foreigners to start a business. The country has a stable economy which attracts many investors from across the globe. The legislation and taxation systems bring the right set up to the businesses that are looking to establish partnership companies, limited liability companies, and subsidiaries. Now decide on your Company Incorporate in Cyprus and 3E accounting services are beside you to process the registration and guide you through the legislation.


Documents Required for the Incorporation of Company in Cyprus

You will be submitting the following documents as part of the registration process

  • The passport of the shareholders notarized by the government.
  • Registering and approval certificate of the company name collected from the Trade register.
  • Articles of the association are necessary along with the memorandum.
  • Personal data required about the company directors.
  • The statement of the capital deposit made by the directors in the bank.
  • The rental agreement of the property registration document claiming the business address of the company in Cyprus.

This may look like a cumbersome process. Now with 3E accounting service the process is simple and our relationship manager help in organizing these documents subsequently. We follow the right format and order expected by the administration. Knowing the procedures, we carefully draft the article of associations such that it best suits the policies for a  company incorporate in Cyprus. The documents submitted from our end will enhance the process, and you don’t have to look for the local notary as it will be taken care of by us. We support and keep this process transparent for you to understand.


Processing of Documents

  • The first and foremost work in processing the document is to choose the company name. the Cyprus Trade register office must approve the name verifying that there is no copy of any brand or company
  • Our managers at 3E accounting service have a massive network that will help in signing the notaries and other statutory documents as demanded by the administration. This may be a time-consuming process if you apply individually for any of the notaries in the public sector.
  • After the compilation of all documents, the next step is the Trade Register, and the office will verify the documents carefully.
  • While the process is complete, the final step is tax registration.


Time Taken for the Process

You must understand that the administration takes the final decision to incorporate a company in Cyprus. When compared to other countries, Cyprus is flexible with the registration process. Many companies want to invest and expand their business offshore. In such a case, you might have limited resources and be under financial pressure making this compliance process difficult. With our expert team, all these processes are controlled and maintained digitally; hence you can keep track of them whenever you want. We have a feedback process after filing the compliance requirements; therefore, our clients are satisfied with our service.

Get in touch with 3E Accounting for a company incorporate in Cyprus. Our services are affordable for startups and also people who are looking to set branch here in Cyprus. We help you to establish your business and run it successfully.


Company Incorporate in Cyprus