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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Incorporate in Italy

Company Incorporate in ItalyAre you planning to venture into manufacturing or tourism? Then, Italy is the country to invest in and enjoy the great incentives including investments grants, the low-interest rate among others. Company incorporate in Italy welcomes any business idea that is beneficial to the economy. However, the process might seem challenging to foreigners especially when they are not familiar with the laws.

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Italian Business Registrar

The company incorporate in Italy begins by the name verification and approval with the Italian business registrar. The proposed name must be distinct and in any language using the Latin alphabet and selecting the right type of structure is very essential where there are several options available. It follows that before heading to the notary public, you must draft your deed of incorporation indicating your company’s by-laws. You can submit to the notary office or appoint a representative on behalf of the company.

Now, it is important and mandatory to file electronically for a single notice with the Register of Enterprises. This will include VAT number, the Tax Identification number and register with the Social Security Administration (INPS) and Accident Insurance Office (INAIL). As an applicant you’ll be required to attach the following forms for verification:

  • The registration form from the Register of Enterprises
  • A form from the Tax Authorities for the setting of business.
  • Forms from INPS and INAIL.

Likewise, you must submit a certified email address on the Registry of Companies registration form. Once you’ve filed the single notice, you’ll receive in seven working days all the documents. Any other communication, notices, and correspondences shall be sent to your certified email address.

Company incorporate in Italy requires that you deposit a minimum of 25 percent of capital provided in cash at the time of incorporation. The law also requires that you maintain corporate books including:

  • Minute book of Board of Directors’ meeting.
  • Minute book of Board of Statutory Auditors.

All these books are subject to verification and certification by the Registry.


How to Incorporate a Limited Liability Company

Limited Liability Company is the most common preferred type of company. For you to incorporate a Limited Liability company you must meet some of the following requirements:

  • A minimum of one director who can be from any nationality. A least one director must be domiciled in the EU. Each of the directors must possess a fiscal code.
  • A minimum of one shareholder from any nationality or represented by a legal entity. Each shareholder must possess a fiscal code.
  • The minimum share capital stands at EUR10, 000 deposited before the execution of the Deed of Incorporation. The moment you pay the share capital, the bank will issue you with a certificate of deposit accorded with the Deed of Incorporation.


3E Accounting Services

In the event you require the process to roll out expeditiously, you can contact 3E Accounting and get over with the process. If you’re not available or outside the country, you can appoint a person who shall be granted the Power of Attorney as long as the Power of Attorney is notarized with an Apostille.

With that in mind, company incorporate in Italy may only be complete when you acquire your business permit. The license may vary from the type of business and the industry within which the company operates. Follow through the requirements and ensure you have the right documents with you.

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Company Incorporate in Italy