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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Incorporate in Japan

Company Incorporate in JapanJapan enjoys an unparalleled reputation for excellence in R&D among Western and Asian businesses and is also a trendsetter country. It also plays an essential role as a bridge nation connecting Asian enterprises and markets with the West. Then, our experts have a lot of experiences and will help you with you the company incorporate in Japan.


Requirements to Incorporate a Company in Japan

Mentioned below are the requirements for incorporation in Japan and our team of experts will assist you in the same.

  • Selecting a company name as long as another company isn’t registered on the same address.
  • Register your company address which will be shown on the registration certificate.
  • List down all the company activities irrespectively whether will perform immediately or not.
  • List down all the details of administration staff such as the representative directors/investors/ shareholders etc.
  • Mention in advance and decide the corporate capital of the organization.
  • The companies can choose their fiscal year according to the Articles of Incorporation in Japan


How to Incorporate a Company in Japan

The business registration process can take up to 2-4 weeks. 3E Accounting can assist you in all the procedures for a company incorporated in Japan and setting up the company as we have many years of experience in this field.

  • After finalizing the office address, decide the essential elements and prepare the required documents. Our team will help in the preparation of the papers as needed:
    • Registry certificate
    • Notarized signature attestation of the parent company’s representative
    • Seal certificate
    • Signature of a representative of the parent company
    • Representative director’s financial statements
    • They should register the company seal at the registry office
  • Prepare the Articles of Incorporation (teikan) which will decide how the company will be managed.
  • Notarization of the articles of incorporation at the Notary office the fees of which must be duly paid.
  • Deposit the capital amount in a local bank account. It is necessary to use one of the investor’s bank account in Japan to deposit the initial capital because we cannot open the company’s bank account until the registration is completed.
  • It is necessary to make various documents such as the notification of the company’s seal (inkan) that also needs to be registered. You have to prepare all documents for the company’s registration in addition to the application form.
  • Applying for the company registration and our team will duly help you in completing the same. Missing out any details can result in the delay of the registration process.
  • Complete the registration to the registry. This step is essential as the certificate is a requirement for opening a corporate bank account, signing contracts, etc.
  • Tax and social insurance-related procedures, etc.


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The company can face numerous challenges in a new environment. We at 3E Accounting understand these challenges and help make the entire incorporation process easy for you. Therefore, our team of experts and trained staff assist in the method of registration, accounting, taxation, working, marketing, etc.

We are a one-stop solution for those looking to get the company to incorporate in Japan. Our experience in this field is also an added advantage to our clients. With our reliable services, the investor can also focus on expanding his business without having to worry about the back-end procedures. Contact us via phone call or email for further details and our team will be more than happy to assist you for the company to incorporate in Japan.

Company Incorporate in Japan