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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Incorporate in Mali

Company Incorporate in Mali3E Accounts specializes in helping investors, both foreign and local, to establish the right types of corporate structures in Mali. Before you can run any business in Mali, the law requires you to choose a type of entity. You must then register it according to the governing Malian business incorporation laws. It’s possible that you may make mistakes and omissions in the registration process which may come back to haunt your business at a later date. To help you out, we have the best consultants who will guide you through the process of company incorporate in Mali so that you start your operations on the right footing.

For foreigners, and some locals, the process may be long and tedious if you don’t know the specific requirements of registering the business you are interested in.


Types of Business Entities in Mali

Here is a brief look at the common entities most people consider when they want to do business in Mali. If you prefer a specific entity, feel free to get in touch with us and we will supply you with the specifics.


Limited Liability Company

A limited liability company in Mali can be formed by a corporate entity or one or more individuals from any country. To form this entity, however, a minimum share capital requirement of US 11,000 will be required. The management of the company will fall under the hands of at least one individual in accordance with the company’s articles. It shall also be nominated by a collective decision of the shareholders during the annual general meeting. The law in Mali prohibits having corporate directors running limited liability companies.


Public Limited Company

To start a public limited company in Mali, you must have a minimum capital of $22,000 as the share capital. The administration of the company can be under the hands of a single individual. There are no restrictions on the nationalities of those who can become directors.


Mali Branch Office

It is possible to open a fully foreign-owned branch office in Mali. The nature and range of operations of such an office will be directed by the parent office located overseas. According to the Malian laws, the branch office will be a separate legal entity. This comes complete with a bank account and a team of management in Mali.


A Representative’s Office in Mali

Foreign companies may have representative offices in Mali. However, such cannot take part in any direct sales activities. Such entities can only be used for promoting the parent business in Mali and for market research.


Let Us Help You Get Started

If you are unsure of what business entity you need to register, or you need help in making the right decision that will help you meet your business goals, consultants at 3E Accounting are always ready and willing to help. All you have to do is reach out to us, and we will work together to give you the best possible landing with all the process you need for company incorporate in Mali.


Company Incorporate in Mali