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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Incorporate in Malta

Company Incorporate in MaltaMalta, as a European country, contributes to the global economy and its location plays a significant role in investment and networking opportunities. The country lies in the bank of commercial Mediterranean Sea lanes. Hence many foreign investors are starting a business and the process for a Company Incorporate in Malta has been made easier. There are 200+ corporate companies in Malta proving numerous work opportunities for 2000+ residents. This adversely results in sales of $1 each for the country. Following are some of the industries which are running successfully in Malta

  • Aviation services
  • Electronic Manufacturing
  • Civil constructions
  • Ship construction
  • Textiles

The purchasing power of the people in Malta is always high as they contribute approximately $11 billion to the European economy. If you are a citizen of Europe, you have the edge to process the company incorporation within 48 hours while for other foreigners it may take longer up to one week.


Why Consider 3E Accounting?

The 3E accounting service in Indonesia has a dedicated team of people working as lawyers, financial advisors, and consultant for the multinational companies in Malta. The country has an attractive tax covering system that is highly beneficial for established companies. With the support of 3E accounting services, your process for company registration is now extremely straightforward, and it happens within no time. Contact us today, and we will give you all the services and assistance you need for doing business in Malta.


What is the Process Involved?

To do your Company Incorporate in Malta, you must either be registering as a private limited company or public limited company. This is because Malta Companies Act states that it only allows the limited liability companies to register in the country. The owner pays minimum share capital for the private limited companies which sum up to 1164 Euros. On the other hand, the public limited companies need to pay 20$ of the share capital. This will be 40000 euros collected as a subscription fee and deposited in the national bank.

Company Name: You must be reserving the company name in the Maltese Commercial Register as part of the process. This is a crucial process as there should not be any reflection of an already existing brand or company in the name. The administration also demands at least one director who will also be acting as secretary until the incorporation.

Company Formation: You must be forming a general body for your company which will consist of a minimum of two shareholders. You can have as many shareholders as possible, but it must be listed here officially. If you want to incorporate the company in Malta as a single shareowner, there are different procedures followed along with the basic format.


Documents for Incorporating in Malta

  • Company name, the director’s residential address and mentioning the nature of the company.
  • Address of the registered office in Malta.
  • Share capital contribution documents by the directors specifying the objectives of the share and the company.
  • The magnet name that is making your business process along with the board of directors in your company.
  • Name of the secretary or secretaries along with their residential address.
  • The copies of the passports of the directors. You will have to submit them to the Maltese Trade Registration Centers.

If you have decided on a Company Incorporate in Malta, you don’t have to be physically present, and that’s one of the essential features of the business to start here. Malta Financial Service Authority (MFSA) is the authorized office for registration. They demand a representative or an agent to make the process hassle-free. There is only a limited time given for you to register for the tax system immediately after the registration process.

3E Accounting Indonesia is here to handle your complete process of registration to incorporate the company in Malta. Contact us for the best business services in the country.


Company Incorporate in Malta