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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Incorporate in New Zealand

Company Incorporate in New ZealandArguably the easiest place to do business in the world, New Zealand provides a very orderly environment for investors. There are few business restrictions, a great import/export policy, advanced infrastructures, security, and finally, very favourable taxes. Also, New Zealand is a growing choice for foreign investors because of its clear and straightforward immigration and business policies. All in all, we can say that the government of New Zealand has done everything it can to make a company incorporate in New Zealand full of opportunities.

Opening a business in New Zealand is also relatively simple than in other countries of the world. However, it might be confusing, and sometimes, incorporation may even be rejected because of a lack of understanding of the formalities. Keeping this in mind, 3E Accounting is now providing its services in New Zealand.

3E Accounting, one of leading Asia’s corporate service provider, has now partnered with financial and legal experts from New Zealand. They are going to help with your company incorporation in New Zealand. From now on, if you want a New Zealand company, all you need to do is contact 3E Accounting and state your terms. After that, we will complete your entire company registration in minimal time without you having to feel even a little bit of stress.


Types of Companies in New Zealand

If you are looking for a company incorporate in New Zealand, you will need to know the types of companies in New Zealand.

Sole Trader

Also known as a sole proprietorship, it is a one-person business. A single individual owns the company and has the rights to every profit it makes. But at the same time, he/she is liable for all the loss and debts. This is the most straightforward structure of business in New Zealand. It is mostly opened by those who want a small business.


Two or more partners run the business. There are two types of partnerships in New Zealand:

General Partnership

In this partnership, every partner makes equal contributions and thus, gets similar returns. But at the same time, everyone will be liable for the loss and debts. Adding on to that, everyone has a say on important company decisions.

Limited Partnership

On a limited partnership, some partners are ‘limited.’ They make minor contributions than others and at the same time, can’t make as much profit as the others.

Limited Liability Company

A limited liability company is a separate legal entity. This means the funds of the company are separate from its shareholders, which makes it different from the previous two types of companies. 100% Foreign Ownership is allowed, and the company needs only one shareholder. Hiring one director is enough (who needs to be a natural person) and there are no rules for minimum share capital.

Shelf Companies in New Zealand

For investors looking to a faster way to start a business in New Zealand, they can opt for a shelf company. Shelf companies are those who have already been registered and are ready for business. They don’t have anything going on at the moment (they are empty), and thus, buying them will let investors start their business operations instantly.


How Much Time Does it take to Company Incorporate in New Zealand?

It depends on how well you understand the business registration process. Contact 3E Accounting Indonesia, and we will complete your company registration process in as less as two days.

Company Incorporate in New Zealand