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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Incorporate in Peru

Company Incorporate in PeruEvery country has its own rules under the Company’s Act governing company registration, and Peru is no exception. Right from the start, you must get acquitted with the laws when it comes to company incorporate in Peru before rolling out the process.

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Any investor contemplating incorporating a business must have a company name. The name must reflect the nature of your business and should be unique. When it comes to company incorporate in Peru, you must present your proposed name with the Registry of Legal Entities. The Registry will conduct a name search, and after settling on one, the name shall thereby be reserved.


Incorporation Deed

It follows that you must prepare your incorporation deed right from the start before presenting it to the National Superintendence of Public Registries (SUNARP) for approval. The good news is that you can conduct the registration process through the Public Registry online portal without having to visit the agency offices. Now, as part of the verification process, the registration certificate must be endorsed with the business associates, the founder, and owners at the office of the Attorney. With all the right documents the process takes roughly 35 days for confirmation and certification by SUNARP.

After that, you should take note that your last minutes of the company’s meeting and the financial books are certified by the Notary Public. The chargeable nominal fees, in this case, will depend on the number of documents certified by the Notary Public.

In Peru, a Limited Liability Company is the most common type of business for both local and foreign investors. Sociedad Anomia Cerrada (S.A.C) as it’s normally referred to require you to meet the following requirements stipulated by the Company’s Act:

  • A minimum of two shareholders with a maximum of 20 shareholders from any nationality.
  • A minimum share capital of US$350
  • At least one Executive member must be a resident of Peru.


Business Eligibility

Your eligibility to operate a business when it comes to company incorporate in Peru is by having a Tax Identification Number. And, therefore, through the Superintendence of Tax Administration (SUNAT), you’ll apply for tax registration. After filling up the necessary forms which may be through your representative, the forms will be presented to the National Customs and Tax Superintendence.

Besides that, your agent must present copies of an identification card, company’s registered address and the certificate of incorporation issued by SUNARP. While it may take a section of your time, you can seek the services of 3E Accounting Indonesia at your convenient time. The consultant firm will also take up the process of registering your company with a business permit at the next municipality within your business locality. Here you’ll require having your registration certificate, the allotment plan and the property deed where your business operates.


Other Requirements and Compliances

The moment you’re through with that, company incorporate in Peru requires that you abide by the Employment Act which stipulates that you must register for Certificate of Safety with the National Institute of Civil Defense. Your employee’s safety is paramount that you’ll even go further to register for Social Security with the relevant authority.

With your certificate of incorporation, a document from the executives authorizing account opening and the application forms among others, it will be possible for you to open a bank account that meets your needs.

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Company Incorporate in Peru