Understanding All About Company Incorporate in Senegal

Establishing Company Incorporate in SenegalSenegal, located in West Africa, is a captivating mid-sized country with over 16 million people. It boasts a diverse landscape, from sweeping savannas and wetlands to lush forests and stunning beaches along the Atlantic Ocean coastline. The bustling capital city, Dakar, serves as a vibrant cultural and commercial hub, offering excellent business opportunities for local and international entrepreneurs. With a stable economy, supportive government, and hospitable people, Senegal presents an attractive environment for starting new ventures and experiencing the allure of its natural wonders and rich historical sites.


Where Do You Begin?

Starting a business in Senegal is relatively straightforward. The country has a young population, a growing economy, and a business-friendly environment. Here’s the process of company incorporate in Senegal:

Choose a Business Structure

Pick a business structure that resonates with your business goals here in Uganda. See more on the table below:

Sole Proprietorship 
  • One-person business entity
  • No minimum capital
  • will be taxed on profits of up to 50 million XOF (84.05 USD) for goods and services.
Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • The most common entity in Senegal
  • Known as SARL 
  • Minimum of one partner
  • One director and one shareholder
  • Minimum capital of 100,000 XOF (167.70 USD)
  • Liability is limited accordingly to the partner’s investment amount in the company
  • Pays 30% corporate tax rate.
Public Limited Company (PIC)
  • Known as SA (Société Anonyme)
  • Minimum of one partner
  • One director and one shareholder
  • Minimum capital of XOF 10 million (16,000 USD)
Economic Interest Grouping (GIE)
  • A minimum of two partners
  • No minimum capital 
  • Suitable for businesses that want to cooperate, but not merge operations. 
  • Has a separate legal personality from its members; but members still can be liable under specific circumstances


Reserve a unique company name and obtain a criminal record certificate.
To start the company registration process, you can begin by reserving a unique company name with the Registrar of Companies. This ensures that the chosen name is available and is not taken by others. Additionally, obtaining a criminal record certificate is mandatory for all shareholders, directors, and legal representatives involved in the company. This step may sound odd; however, it has its reasons.

Getting a criminal record certificate matters because it guarantees that individuals in management positions have no criminal history and are eligible to hold such roles. A fiscal identification number (NINEA) is also necessary for tax purposes, as it identifies the individual or company for tax-related matters.

Notarize the Company’s Articles of Association

After you are done with the first step, you can move on to drafting and notarizing the company’s articles of association. Once notarized, the company can register with the Centre de Formalités des Entreprises (CFE). The registration involves submitting the notarized articles of association, proof of address, identification documents of the founders, and relevant registration fees. The CFE will then process the application and issue the necessary certificates and permits, allowing the company to commence operations.

Register With the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry plays a central role in company incorporate in Senegal. The Chamber offers valuable resources such as training programs, networking events, and other support services, providing businesses with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in a competitive market. On top of that, the Chamber hosts networking events, which allow entrepreneurs to foster connections and collaborations among business owners.

Register With the Social Security Office (IPRES) and the Local Labour Office (DDTE)

Registering with the Social Security Office (IPRES) is vital for acquiring a social security number for the company and its respective employees. The registration with the local labour office involves submitting the company’s employment contract templates and ensuring compliance with local labour laws and regulations. It helps to avoid any legal problems in the future and ensures that the business can operate smoothly within the law.

Open a Bank Account and Deposit the Required Capital

Upon opening a bank account, the company can deposit the minimum required capital, which varies based on the type of company being established. Once you have opened a bank account, you need to deposit the necessary capital into the account. Following the deposit, the company must publish an incorporation announcement in a national newspaper. This public notice informs the public of the company’s legal registration and operation in Senegal.

Finally, you need to register your business for taxes. You can do this at the Direction Générale des Impôts (DGI), the government agency responsible for collecting taxes. Company incorporate in Senegal can be daunting, but it is not impossible. Some of the most promising companies to begin in Senegal are the food and beverage, retail, tourism, technology, and manufacturing sectors.


Other Formalities

Here are some additional considerations to pay attention:

Work Visas

If you are a citizen of a country that has a visa-waiver agreement with Senegal, you can apply for a visa on arrival at the airport. However, if you are not a citizen of a visa-waiver country, then you will need to apply for a visa at a Senegalese embassy or consulate in your home country.


The corporate tax here is 30%. Plus, the foreign companies operating in Uganda may be subject to an additional 10% withholding tax on branch profits remitted abroad. An additional 18% may also be applicable, but only under certain situations.

Limited Sector

Do keep in mind that some businesses are off limits for foreigners in Senegal such as telecommunications, broadcasting, air transport, defence, security, mining, oil and gas, water, and electricity. There can be some exceptions, foreigners can own a smaller portion of shares in a company, but the majority of shares must be held by Senegalese.

Office in Senegal

To establish a business presence in Senegal, you have the option to either lease an office space or utilise a virtual office service, which provides a physical address without the necessity of renting dedicated premises.


If You Need an Extra Hand…

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Company Incorporate in Senegal