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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Incorporate in Seychelles

Company Incorporate in SeychellesSeychelles might have some restrictions, but it provides a very comprehensive system of the market for those who open a company in the country. First comes the taxation policy; there are no capital gains and income taxes. Also, you will have complete secrecy, as personal information is not displayed in any sort of registration form and no information-sharing policies. Also, corporate flexibility is another reason to company incorporate in Seychelles.

Anyway, registering a company in the Indian Ocean island country could be a hefty and confusing task for many. And thus, to help investors with that, 3E Accounting Indonesia will now provide services for those looking to have a company in Seychelles.

After numerous requests, 3E Accounting is now expanding to Seychelles. We also have partnered with the leading accounting and legal experts from Seychelles who is going to help investors to register their companies in the country. This means that investors can call 3E Accounting Indonesia, state their requirements, and the corporate service provider will register their Seychelles company for them in minimal time and cost.


Types of Companies in Seychelles

Among the various types of companies in Seychelles, the International Business Company (IBC) is the most preferred way of doing business for foreigners. Therefore, these are the reasons the Seychelles IBC is the most popular type of business entity in Seychelles:

  • There are no share capital requirements.
  • Only one director and shareholder is needed.
  • Foreign companies can act as shareholders in a Seychelles company.
  • The director doesn’t need to be residential, and the company can be operated remotely.
  • The board of directors can hold meetings anywhere in the world.
  • NO need to file annual returns.
  • The company will need to prepare annual financial statements, but they don’t need to be filed.
  • The IBC is not a resident tax company.
  • Also, it is effortless to get a registered address in the country.
  • The personal information provided during the company registration is nonassessable to the public. So, there is maximum secrecy.
  • You can do every documentation of your Seychelles company in English.


The Process of Company Incorporate in Seychelles:

  • First, choose a business name. It should not be similar to any other businesses in the country, and at the same time can’t be vulgar.
  • After that, select a registered address of your business. It should be a physical address and can’t be a PO Box Number.
  • Then, prepare the company’s articles of the association including the business purposes, processes, and goals.
  • A declaration of the company’ shareholders.
  • Personal information about the directors and shareholders. It will be kept away from the public and everyone else.
  • Acquire all the permits that are needed to run your business.


How Much Time Does it Take to Company Incorporate in Seychelles?

It depends on the type of company and the understanding of the registration process. On average, we could say that it takes a few weeks to complete the company incorporation in Seychelles.

Are you looking forward to starting your own company in Seychelles? You can contact 3E Accounting Indonesia to register your Seychelles company; we will complete your registration in minimal time and cost.

Company Incorporate in Seychelles