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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Incorporate in Spain

Company Incorporate in SpainEurope has a robust economy, and Spain gives you an opportunity to reap the benefits from its resources. Company incorporate in Spain offers any investor the right business climate to do business thanks to the liberalized policies. The registration procedure in Spain follows a bureaucratic process, and that does not mean that your company registration may come to a halt. With 3E Accounting, you stand a chance to get the best business solution services at the most affordable cost and expeditiously. Coming from a consultant background and with highly professional staff, 3E Accounting Indonesia will provide you with some of the following services:

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The Process for Company Incorporation in Spain

Now, company incorporate in Spain begins by first acquiring your Numero de Identificacion de Extranjero (NIC), an identification number in case you’re a foreigner. According to the Spanish laws, any foreigner making direct investments must possess a valid NIE number. Once you have your NIE, now you’re eligible to proceed with the process of requesting for the Certificate of Uniqueness. When formulating your company’s name, you must ensure that the name is distinct. Your proposed name shall be verified and endorsed by the Mercantile Register where you must provide three potential proposed names. In the event the three options are rejected, you’ll be required to provide other additional company names.

The moment you’re through with acquiring the certificate of uniqueness, the next step is requesting a Temporary Tax Identification code (CIF). You can apply the identification code with the Tax Office (Agencia Tributaria). As part of company incorporation in Spain, it is a compulsory requirement to have your Tax Identification code which is of great assistance when opening a corporate bank account and paying your minimum initial capital. If it follows that you might feel the process to be cumbersome, you may seek the services of 3E Accounting on matters relating to taxation at your convenience.

To register a company in Spain, you must have a bank account. And, therefore, the next step is the opening of a corporate bank account. It is within this bank that you’ll deposit your capital. The amount will depend on the type of company you’ve decided to incorporate. Should you decide to register a Limited Liability Company, your minimum paid-up capital will amount to EUR 3,000. After the payment, the bank will issue you with a certificate as proof that you’ve paid/deposited the capital.


Documents You Need to Register a Company in Spain

Every company has its constitution and statutory documents such as the deed of incorporation. Now, the documents are signed at the public notary for authentication. You can use the Power of Attorney in case you’re not available that will represent you at the notary and other authorities. Besides the PoA and other documents, the notary will require you to submit some of the following company statutes:

  • The name and business purpose of the company
  • The company address
  • The identification details of the shareholders and their share capital contribution.
  • Any form of payment arrangements consented by directors.

Company incorporate in Spain requires that the deed of incorporation stamped at the tax office before submission to the Mercantile Registry. The process of registration may take a fortnight from the time of submission of your documents. It is after this level is when you’ll proceed to request for your permanent CIF number. The CIF number will also enable you to process the acquisition of your business license.

  • Certificate indicating your provisional CIF
  • Deed of incorporation
  • Copy of your registration with the Mercantile Registry

Spain’s Employment Act entails that every company to register with the Social Security Services.

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Company Incorporate in Spain