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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Incorporate in Switzerland

Company Incorporate in SwitzerlandInvestors worldwide are being attracted to invest in Switzerland, and there are more than enough reasons for that. First, come the liberal market policies and the favourable tax system. Second, it is a free economy, and the country is in a strategic location, so it provides an excellent platform for those wishing to dwell in trade businesses. At the same time, being a member of the EU, it provides a great reach of millions of people across Europe, so you have a lot of expect if you are looking forward to a company incorporate in Switzerland.

However, registering a company in Switzerland might be confusing, especially for foreign investors. Thus, keeping that in mind, 3E Accounting Indonesia, the leading corporate service provider in Asia is now extending its services to Switzerland. This means that from now on, anyone willing to incorporate a company in Switzerland needs to contact 3E Accounting and the firm will complete the entire company registration process for them, with them only having to give some basic information. As easy as that.


Company Incorporate in Switzerland: What are the Types of Companies in Switzerland?

When talking about the types of companies in Switzerland, you should be focusing on what company you can open. These are the types of companies in Switzerland:

Sole Proprietorship

A single person runs a sole proprietorship. The individual is liable for any loss or debts but has the claim to every profit that the company makes. However, only Swiss residents or a citizen of the EU can open a sole proprietorship in Switzerland.


Another type of company in Switzerland is a partnership. It is similar to a sole proprietorship, only that multiple partners are running the company. There are two types of partnership companies in Switzerland:

General Partnership

Every partner makes an equal contribution, and they share the same amount of profit. Thus, every partner has equal rights to the important decisions of the company.

Limited Partnership

In a limited partnership, some partners are ‘limited.’ That means, they do not make as much as contributions as the general partners, and thus, their profit and rights to decisions are limited.

Corporation/ Joint Stock Company (AG/SA)

It is the most popular form of business in Switzerland. The minimum share capital is CHF 100,000, and CHF 50,000 should be fully paid. The company must have at least one founder, of course, and if there is more than one founder, at least one of them should be from Switzerland. The company should also have a board of directors. No numbers have been stated, but the majority of the board of directors should consist of Switzerland or EU residents.

Limited Liability Company

Another option for investors in Switzerland is the limited liability company (LLC). It is very popular among foreigners given that 100% foreign ownership is allowed. The minimum share capital is CHF 20,000, and there should be at least two shareholders which can be of any nationality. However, remember that at least one managing director of the company should be a Swiss national.

Subsidiary/ Branch

Companies can also open a subsidiary or a branch in Switzerland. Branch/ Subsidiary need to follow all the regulations, but they are not separate legal entity than their mother company.


How Long Does it Take to Get a Company Incorporated in Switzerland?

Well, there is not a fixed time; it depends on how well you understand the process and how well you arrange your papers. However, if you work with 3E Accounting, we ensure your company incorporate in Switzerland process completes in the minimum time. i.e., 2 to 3 weeks.

Company Incorporate in Switzerland