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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Incorporate in Taiwan

Company Incorporate in TaiwanTaiwan is a great place to do business if you have a proper plan. However, because of changing formalities and language barriers, you might face difficulties while registering a company in Taiwan especially as a foreign investor. So, to help you register a company in Taiwan, we at 3E Accounting Indonesia have decided to introduce a new service, which we like to call “Company Incorporate in Taiwan.”

This means that from now on, you can forget about every confusion regarding registering a company in Taiwan. All you need to do is contact us and tell your requirements, and then we will ask you for some documents and then go through the entire company incorporation process ourselves as you sit back and use your time to formulate your business tactics.

However, you will need to know some information about registering a company in Taiwan.


Company Incorporate in Taiwan: FAQ

Can a Foreigner start any business in Taiwan?

Well, you can start most of the businesses in Taiwan; there are no limitations. However, foreign investors can’t dwell in some business activities which are on the ‘negative list.’ So, you might need to do some research.

What are the Types of Companies in Taiwan?

You can open the following types of companies in Taiwan


This is the one you opt for if you are looking forward to starting a private limited company in Taiwan. These are the types of Subsidiaries in Taiwan.

  • Company Limited By Shares
  • Limited company
  • Unlimited company with Limited Liability Shareholders
  • Unlimited Company

Remember that depending on the type of company, it must have at least one shareholder. There are no minimum share capital assessments. However, you will need to pay NT$5 million as start-up capital if you are willing to hire foreign employees in the first year.


Foreigners are also allowed to open a partnership in Taiwan. Remember that in the case of a Taiwan partnership, you will need at least two partners, and each of them needs to be a natural person and not a corporate. Limited partnerships are also allowed, and there is no minimum capital requirement.

Foreign Business

The term ‘foreign business’ is usually used to represent a branch of a foreign business established in Taiwan. The company is not considered a separate legal entity than the parent company, and it needs to hire a representative who doesn’t necessarily need to be from Taiwan. Similar to a subsidiary company, a foreign business house should pay NT$5 million if it wants to employ foreigners in the first year.

Representative Office

A representative office is just for administrative works. It is usually set up by corporations who want to study the Taiwan market before starting to do business. Thus, a representative office can’t do buying or selling.


How Much Time Does it Take to Complete the Process of Company Incorporate in Taiwan?

It all depends on the type of company and paper works. Given that you have all the paperwork correct say that it might take about ten weeks to complete the company registration process in Taiwan. Contact us now.

Company Incorporate in Taiwan