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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Incorporate in UAE

Company Incorporate in UAERunning a business in UAE is an excellent thing to do, only that the company incorporation process is confusing for many. Especially for foreigners, who are not very familiar with the officialities and language. Thus, as per the requirement of many clients and various feedbacks, 3E Accounting has decided to start helping investors to get a company incorporated in UAE.

3E Accounting, a leading corporate service provider in Asia, has partnered with business experts from UAE to help investors register a company in the country. Thus, from now on, you can call 3E Accounting Indonesia if you want to open a company in UAE. From there, we will take on your work and complete the entire company registration process for you.

Among the various types of companies in UAE, foreigners have the option of a Limited Liability Company, Free Zone Company, Offshore Company, Branch Office and Civil Company. You can choose one of them if you are thinking of doing business in UAE.


Limited Liability Company

It is the most common and recommended type of business entity in the UAE. A limited liability company has no minimum-paid up capital rules, but remember that there must be at least 51% local shareholding. The number of shareholders can be anywhere between 1 to 50 shareholders. The company should also appoint at least one director (manager) to operate in UAE, but at the same time, it can’t have more than five managers.


Free Zone Company

There are 35 Free Trade Zones in UAE, and a company in one of these zones is called a free zone company. Having a company in a free trade zone has various advantages, but there are some limitations at the same time. 100% foreign ownership is available; there are no import/export taxes, and also you don’t need to pay corporate taxes for 15 years. However, a free-trade zone company can only do business inside the trade zone.


Offshore Company

Another popular option among foreign investors looking forward to getting a company incorporated in UAE is an offshore company. There are three types of Offshore companies in UAE; Dubai (Jebel Ali Offshore Company) Ras Al Khaimah and Ajman. The requirements for all of these companies are similar, but they are not the same, so you will need to do a little research. Nevertheless, an offshore company in UAE is exempt from any types of corporate tax and has the benefit of 100% foreign ownership.


Branch Office

A branch office, as its name suggests, is for those companies who want to extend their services in the UAE. A branch office isn’t a separate legal entity, and it should do similar businesses as its mother company. Also, the branch office in the UAE cannot import the items of its mother company.


Representative Office

A representative office is only for administrative tasks. It can do researches, but can’t make a sale or profit in UAE. A representative office is for foreign companies to experiment and become acquainted with the UAE market before making a sale.


You will need help from a professional firm to get a company incorporated in UAE. Contact us at 3E Accounting Indonesia to do it in minimal time and cost.


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