Exploring AI-powered HRMS

AI HRMSAI HRMS, or Artificial Intelligence Human Resource Management Software, is a cloud-based platform to help Indonesian businesses handle human resource functions. It addresses the enduring challenges companies encounter in talent acquisition and retention by offering features that enhance various aspects of HR management.


Notable Features of AI HRMS

New Employee Onboarding

AI HRMS facilitates an exceptional onboarding experience for new hires, offering customisable profile templates and modules such as absence management and asset tracking. This ensures a seamless and efficient transition for newcomers to the organisation.

Employee Wellbeing

The software promotes employee well-being through comprehensive wellness programmes, including wellness videos and informative pamphlets. This proactive approach contributes to a healthier and more engaged workforce.

Employee Training

AI HRMS allows organisations to create orientation plans that accelerate new employees’ adaptation to their roles. This feature is essential for nurturing talent and ensuring employees have the necessary skills and knowledge.

Employee 360 Feedback

The platform enables instant feedback mechanisms, empowering employees to enhance their performance promptly. This eliminates the need to wait for months before a traditional performance review, fostering continuous improvement.

Employee Leave Application

AI HRMS streamlines annual leave requests and approvals in real-time, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring efficient management of employee time off.

Employee Expense Claims

Utilising expense management software, the platform automates the expense submission process, ensuring efficient processing and accountability for all expenses incurred by employees.

Employee Performance Review

AI HRMS provides a platform for goal setting, offering feedback, conducting reviews, and engaging in one-on-one conversations with employees. This feature supports ongoing performance improvement and employee development.

Employee Organisation Chart

The software maintains an automatically updated organisational chart, ensuring a current and accurate representation of the company’s structure. This aids in effective communication and decision-making within the organisation.

Employee Time Tracking (Timesheet)

AI HRMS allows for detailed time record tracking, including regular hours, overtime, and absences. This promotes transparency in working hours and ensures accurate payroll processing.

Employee Equipment Record Keeping

The platform helps businesses maintain organised records of employee equipment, facilitating efficient management and tracking of assets.

Incorporating AI HRMS into their operations allows companies to streamline HR processes, improve employee engagement, and foster a more productive and satisfied workforce. This comprehensive software is a valuable asset for businesses aiming to remain competitive and efficient in the modern business landscape.