Customs Identification Number (NIK)

Customs Identification Number (NIK) The Customs Identification Number (NIK) is a unique identifier assigned by the Directorate General of Customs and Excise in Indonesia to individuals or entities utilising customs services. The primary demography for the NIK includes importers and exporters, who are mandated to register for this number to carry out any customs-related activities efficiently within the country.

Integrating the NIK within the customs system vastly facilitates communication, providing customs users the accessibility necessary to effectively interface with the customs system. The absence of a NIK could significantly impede businesses, from trading companies in particular, restricting their ability to engage seamlessly in import and export activities. This is because, in most situations, the NIK is mandatory for all customs operations. Hence, the Customs Identification Number holds pivotal importance in the regulation and smooth running of international trade practices within Indonesia.