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Research and a Market Analysis Could Make a Great Difference to Your Spa

How to Set Up a Spa Business in Indonesia

The hospitality and tourism industry in Indonesia is viable in almost all sectors. The most common sectors are a retreat, wellness, accommodation and culinary. Indonesian wellness sector consists of spa centres, massage establishments as well as yoga and fitness hub. It is not surprising to see spa centres everywhere in the famous cities of Indonesia. But every spa claims to offer a unique experience. It is probably their unique selling point and the secret to their success. You can set up a spa business in Indonesia, too if you have the determination and extraordinary service to offer spa treatment seekers.


Promising Potential

The spa segment of the hospitality industry in Indonesia has a broad range of services. The sky is the limit for investors seeking to set up a spa business in Indonesia. Furthermore, a spa business is not part of Indonesia’s Negative Investment List. It means that foreigners get to own a spa business in Indonesia wholly. Despite the omnipresence of spas in Indonesia, there will be a niche for spa seekers looking for something trendy and new. For visitors travelling to the archipelago for work, a full day getting your body massaged to remove toxins is welcomed pleasure. Indonesia’s biodiversity is already calming imagery. Combined it with a comfortable massage or a detoxifying bath will take away all that stress. It may sound misguided, but where there are stressful patrons, spas have a chance of survival.


Survive, Sustain, Success

Some may argue what the need to set up a spa business in Indonesia when there are so many of it everywhere is. Well, the difference lies within a market analysis. If you plan to open a spa in Indonesia, you should know that market research will provide invaluable data. You may need to visit as many spas as possible. Visit the cheap to the most lavish and everything in between. Your observation of how things work will provide you with a better perspective on what your spa can offer. Survival of a business is imperative to sustain and achieve success in the long term. The same applies to a spa business. Thus, the very first step before opening your spa in Indonesia is you visiting spas and noting the best and the least favourable.


The Spa Venture

Now after knowing foreigners can own a spa business in Indonesia, you are getting excited to get things going. However, Indonesia’s policy changes like tropical weather. But, as a general guideline, you would need to decide on the following:

  • Incorporate a company – Foreigners are allowed to form a PT PMA. It is a limited liability company structure.
  • Location and Premise type – Your market analysis can be a reference of where your spa is and what type of premise it will be. The lease period should ideally be three years. This may take some time to acquire. Hire a local legal expert to assist you.
  • Services – It is interdependent with your premise type. If you are offering spa treatments and yoga classes, then your premise should accommodate to the services provided.
  • Equipment and Products – Can you lease large equipment? Do you need to purchase it? Organic products are the craze when it comes to spa treatments.
  • Licensing – There is a license for the building, fire safety certification, environmental and pollution permit, certification of personnel and hygiene permit. Get all the necessary permissions, certification and licenses.

How to Set Up a Spa Business in Indonesia