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Fill the Gap of Affordable Private Education in Indonesia

How to Start a Private Education Business in Indonesia

Education is imperative to success in life, formal or informal. With adequate knowledge in hand, one can cross boundaries to foreign grounds. As for Indonesia, primary education is free for all. Hence, every child in the most rural corners of the archipelago is entitled to basic education. With that in mind, the urban population is now demanding better education exposures for their children. This movement of well-to-do Indonesians and expatriates is seeing the emergence of private education businesses multiplying. As an investor, you could plan on how to start a private education business in Indonesia.


Basic Vs Quality

As far as education is concerned, Indonesians need not worry as the government has made it compulsory and free for every child to get primary education. However, the quality of education is questionable. Thus, the more experienced and more exposed urban community appeals for better quality education for their children. Such demands are beyond the government’s capacity. Private education seems to be an alternative. The better options offered by private education includes teaching using the English language, hence opening up a broader selection of topics and subjects for the children. Parents choosing private education also believe that this education institution shapes their children into well-rounded individuals with a progressive mindset towards life.


Affordable Demand

Although there is a demand for private schools, international school dominate the market. The fees for such education becomes a concern. For those that can afford it, they will send their children there. But, with when the quality of free-for-all basic education is compromised, some parents resort to homeschooling or independent learning institutions. Hence, there is a viable demand for affordable private education in Indonesia. If you are planning to start a private education business in Indonesia, this is where you can offer to fill in the gap. Keep in mind the middle-income group of the Indonesians when drawing up your private education business plan.


Ticking Off Checklist

There are many conditions to think about when you start a private education business in Indonesia. Take the time to create a checklist so that all essential matters are covered. The following are general guidelines for setting up a private school in the country.


The Business Side

  • Vision Statement – Similar to many other businesses, you need a vision statement or the goal of why the private education institution is unique. Decide this early on and keep it close to your heart.
  • Financial Plans – Regardless if you have a massive investment or not, draft out a complete business plan that describes the financial strategies of the school.
  • Branding and Marketing – An education is a necessity, but with the right branding and marketing strategies, parents and even communities can be intrigued by the school’s brand image.
  • Teacher Recruitment – As a new school, your entity could be attractive droves of younger teachers. Nevertheless, the best subject matter experts can vary from any age. As long as you meet with the labour laws of Indonesia, hiring should be a breeze.


The Education Side

  • Campus Design – This applies if you intend to construct an entire campus from scratch. No matter what, the best campus design should get advice from the educator as well as the architect. Be sure to adhere to all construction permit from local authorities.
  • Curriculum & Accreditation – If this school is a branch, the curriculum is ready for use. Otherwise, prepare the general curriculum plan and get it accredited. You should also get a Local Education Ministry License to operate a private school.
  • School Policies – The policies of the school must reflect local laws and government policies. It should also contain standards set by the accreditations you wish to deploy in your education institution.

How to Start a Private Education Business in Indonesia