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The Love for Coffee Could Send You to Start a Coffee Shop Business

How to Set Up a Coffee Shop Business in Indonesia

When did the coffee culture begin in Indonesia? Well, for starters, coffee was naturally consumed by the older generation back in days. From then onwards, it became a sign of prestige for those who can afford a cuppa coffee in coffee chain shops. After that, more people became aware of coffee and the process that goes into making a cuppa. The evidence was obvious. More people were purchasing and owning a coffee machine at home or the office. Soon after, coffee consumption is now a lifestyle. The younger generation, who are more conscious of lifestyle trends, are consuming coffee more often. Thus, if you plan to set up a coffee shop business in Indonesia, your coffee shop has got to be Instagram worthy, be it for its taste, pricing and even presentation.


The Love for Coffee

Consumer demands are naturally the cause of emerging markets. As there are market opportunities, there will be consumers for the niche. But, most coffee lovers have something in common. One, they want to share their signature coffee with others. Two, they can hang out for hours on end during a coffee session. Three anytime is a good time for coffee. Thus, it is only natural for the likes of you as a coffee lover, to set up a coffee shop. The market seems saturated but bear in mind that Indonesia is highly-populated. There is always a possibility of turning someone into a coffee lover from the first sip.


Make It Worth

The year 2020 could still be a good year for new coffee shops to emerging. Although hanging out over coffee is now limited by social distancing, generation Y and Z prefer to consume via mobile apps. This includes making your physical premise worth the visit, even for a short while. The younger generation is continuously influenced by social media sharing and online availability. Thus, if you plan to set up a coffee shop business in Indonesia, be sure to accommodate to this market segment. Have an online presence, efficient distribution and delivery, online payment accessibility as well as social media worth of mention. Nevertheless, make your coffee selection as complete as possible, because you will never know who might step into your premise for a coffee break.


Legalise It

Just because you desire a homely coffee shop, it still requires the relevant permits and licensing. As a foreigner, there is good news for you. Under the Negative Investment List of Indonesia, foreigners can have 100% ownership of a coffee shop business in Indonesia. But you would have to incorporate a PT PMA entity first. It is an LLP for foreign investors. To establish a PT PMA, you might need to help of a local expert. Get in touch with us, and we will help sort it out. After incorporation, your next move will be meeting up with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Any food and beverage serving business fall under the tourism sector. Hence, you need to apply for a Tanda Daftar Usaha Pariwisata (TDUP) permit, which is renewable every five years. If you intend to sell alcohol or play music in your premise, do apply for SIUP-MB (alcohol) and intellectual property licenses.

How to Set Up a Coffee Shop Business in Indonesia