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Doing Business in Indonesia VS The British Virgin Islands

Doing Business in Indonesia VS The British Virgin Islands Don’t be surprised if you have never heard of the subtle Indonesia VS The British Virgin Islands competition before, until now. The rivalry between these two countries might not be directly observable. But both are vying for an influx of foreign investments to sustain their economic progress.


The Archipelagic Beauty of Indonesia VS The British Virgin Islands

You may have noticed that both of these countries are archipelagos since they are composed of a group of islands. Because of their respective environment’s natural wonders, both countries are also promoting tourism to bring in revenues.

However, Indonesia still needs to balance its robust economic progress concerning protecting its environment to sustain tourism. The British Virgin Islands can remain pristine since it only has two major industries: tourism and financial services. The smaller population of The British Virgin Islands also means less air, land, and water pollution.


Comparison of People from Indonesia VS The British Virgin Islands

There are differences in the peace and order situation of Indonesia VS The British Virgin Islands. Indonesia has a problem with racial tension caused by some sectors of its multicultural population. You can trace the roots of this to historical issues of the different ethnic groups within Indonesia. Most recently, some groups have been creating issues with the local LGBT community. On the other hand, The British Virgin Islands is a peaceful place to live in with an almost nonexistent crime rate. It also has a multicultural population due to centuries of migration, but there are fewer social problems.

The population of Indonesia VS The British Virgin Islands is also markedly different. Indonesia is one of the most populous countries in the world. It can accommodate such a large population because of its vast land area and robust economy. The British Virgin Islands has a much smaller population, with around half of these migrant workers. Only a tiny minority of residents were born in The British Virgin Islands. The small land area might have convinced some residents to relocate somewhere else. Since residents generally either work in the financial services industry or for tourism, there is not much competition for jobs.


Healthcare Situation of Indonesia VS The British Virgin Islands

You can admire Indonesia for its efforts to safeguard the health of its citizens. The government is promoting its National Health Insurance Program as part of efforts to popularize universal health care. One side benefit of this Program is that Indonesia’s life expectancy has gone up to 71.7 years (2019).

The British Virgin Islands, for its part, does not yet have a comprehensive health care system to rival that of Indonesia. In fact, for maternal health care, residents still have to travel outside The British Virgin Islands. Fortunately, there are many airports within the territory, which makes travel for health care reasons possible.


Educational Progress of Indonesia VS The British Virgin Islands

Education is one of the sectors that is doing quite well in Indonesia. The government is actively promoting the importance of education for its citizens and residents. Most students can finish a high school education though only a much smaller proportion can finish tertiary education. As of 2018, the country has a 96% literacy rate. There are many institutions for higher learning in Indonesia.

On the other hand, the youth of The British Virgin Islands travel outside the archipelago for their tertiary education. This may be because there is only one community college and one university within the archipelago. Their literacy rate hovers at 98%.


Indonesia VS The British Virgin Islands Differ in Science and Technology Competency

Since Indonesia has enough resources (land area, economic clout, skilled manpower), it can support science and technology activities. Aviation is a flourishing industry in Indonesia. It is the only country that can build different kinds of aircraft within Southeast Asia. Boeing and Airbus rank among its clients for aircraft parts.

The British Virgin Islands lack sufficient space and skilled labour to undertake science and technology applications. Instead, this archipelago focuses on being one of the most popular offshore financial services destinations in the world.



Most people would not think that there is an Indonesia VS The British Virgin Islands rivalry at first glance. After all, Indonesia is located quite far away from The British Virgin Islands geographically. However, they both need the influx of foreign investments to survive economically. So, investors will be interested to know more about these two archipelagos and what they have to offer.

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Doing Business in Indonesia VS The British Virgin Islands