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An Overview of the Governing Body for Indonesia’s Labour Laws

Indonesian Ministry of Labour The Indonesian Ministry of Labour is known as the Ministry of Manpower. Locally, they are called the Kementerian Ketenagakerjaan. The ministry was founded in 1947.

The primary responsibility of the Indonesian Ministry of Labour is to look after the workers in the country. They are also responsible for the labour laws that govern the industry. The ministry is also responsible for regulating labour migration.


Other Responsibilities

Aside from its primary duties, the ministry also monitors the training centres for overseas workers. The centres are owned by private recruitment agencies and the ministry keeps tabs on them to monitor for quality. This is done through the Directorate of Employment Observation.

The ministry is tasked with administering government affairs in the manpower sector to assist the President in administering the state government. Achieving this includes formulating, stipulating and implementing policies in the field of increasing labour competitiveness and productivity. The aims include increasing workforce placement and expanding employment opportunities, enhancing the role of industrial relations and social security for workers, fostering labour inspection and occupational safety and health.


The Vision and Mission

The vision of the ministry is to realise a productive, competitive, and prosperous workforce. Its mission is to expand job opportunities and improve employment placement services. Their mission also includes strengthening information on the labour market and job market.

The ministry aims to increase the skill competence and productivity of the transmigration workforce and community. As part of their mission, they aim to improve industrial relations development and social protection for workers.

Part of the Indonesian Ministry of Labour’s commitment is to increase labour inspection and accelerate an equitable distribution of regional development. The ministry aims to implement efficient organisation, effective and integrated management with the principles of good governance (good governance). This is supported by research, development and effective information management.

More information about the Ministry of Labour can be found on their website:

Indonesian Ministry of Labour