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Indonesia’s Commercial Rental Market is Plenty and Varied

Indonesia Office Premise Leasing Guide When you begin a business, naturally you would inspire to have your office space, am I right? Well, there are broad definitions of what an office would look like in this day and age. There are serviced offices, virtual offices, bare shell office space for rent, co-working spaces and stylish, posh commercial parks. As a start-up company, your office space might only be a desk, laptop and internet connection. Your business partners might also choose such an arrangement. But what about the company’s image? As a business owner, a company image is incredibly vital. Hence, this Indonesia office premise leasing guide should be useful to find the appropriate office for your company in Indonesia.


You Know Your Capacity

As far as business capacity is concerned, you should know best the office space you need. Even if you are second-guessing this, your business partners or team could advise you on the current capacity and what the future office should look like in say, five years. Indonesia is reforming much of its business policies and economic framework to attract foreign investors. Thus it only makes sense to acquire an office premise suitable to your business nature. Indonesia’s central business district is highly concentrated in Jakarta. Most foreign companies set up their offices here. It is essential to rent an office space that is close to various facilities. Not only will your clients reach you, but your employees will also stay on longer if the workplace is near reliable public transportation. Additionally, your office space should be as conducive and comfortable to be highly productive. If you can ideally produce an office layout plan, it would be better to narrow down your options.


The Office Premise Lease

With the abundant office premise space in the country, you might get lucky with your ideal office space. First, let’s help you sort out the essentials in this Indonesia office premise leasing guide.


Office Layout and Space

No matter how modern your office is, it should ideally have a reception area, meeting rooms, and whether you intend on an open workplace policy or traditional cubical space for each employee. Ideally, each employee workspace is between eight to twelve square meters. To calculate the area you need carefully. If it works for you, find an office space that allows you to scale up or scale back accordingly.



Besides the monthly rental payment, you might need to expand your account more for the initial stage of renting an office premise in Indonesia. Initial costs include advance deposits, and renovation works, office fit-out and furnishings (most likely), property agent fees. Bear in mind that rental payments will increase at a maximum of twenty per cent from the previous year’s rental rate. Discuss with the landlord if the increment is at lease renewal or annually.



This is subjective to your business nature. If you are going for an exclusive and downright branded office address, then your options will be Central Jakarta. But even if you and your employees opt to stay within a five-kilometre radius, take note of the city’s traffic condition. If you do not mind of the location and rather tight on the budget, you could look on the outskirts of Jakarta or other major cities in Indonesia.


Ease of Access

Besides its office address and location, the company should cater to all sorts of individual capacity to reach their office doorstep. The easier the office is accessed, the more likely customers will offer to do business with you.

Once you considered all these, then you could go hunting for the office premise. You can do this through a property rental agent or on your own. Chances are, you might be exhausted just by looking through the endless list of available office for rent. If you hire an agent, the agent can do better at a fraction of the time. A specialised agent can even negotiate the contract terms for you and get the best deal for your budget. Your rental contract should contain the following items:

Lease Length, Rental Commencement & Possession

The contract must state the duration of the lease, the date where the rental is payable at specific dates of the month and date of possession. Date of control would mean the day you step foot into the premise and begin renovating to your needs. Rental commencement date indicates the date you are to pay the monthly rental. Most landlords will waive the rental payments during fitting out period as there is no viable business going on.

Rental Price

Ideally, a rental rate should encompass everything the building has to offer. Meaning you could be paying a fixed amount to utilise all available services. Otherwise, the contract must state the break down of service charge if it is excluded in the monthly rental.

Rental Increments

Will the landlord increase the rental rate annually or at every renewal? Find out and agree, which is reasonable for your business.

Lastly, you will need to weigh the profitability of your business versus its proximity to the central business district. Some sustainable business finds that location is not necessary, while others may argue that area is king. Hope this Indonesia office premise leasing guide may be of help in your hunt for the absolute office space.
Indonesia Office Premise Leasing Guide