Business Identification Number (NIB)

Business Identification Number (NIB)The Business Identification Number (NIB) serves as a crucial certificate for companies seeking to operate legally in Indonesia. Issued for licensing purposes, the NIB propels a company into the government’s registry, granting it legal recognition and protection under respective laws and regulations. Without a NIB, business licensing from the Indonesian government remains impossible.

The benefits of attaining such certification are multifaceted. It enables companies to participate in business activities within the region, inclusive of import-related ventures, business visa sponsorship for clients, application for foreign employee visas, custom activities, and participation in local business tenders. A NIB also qualifies companies to join the health and manpower social security programme.

The process of NIB acquisition requires three crucial steps that may span between five to ten weeks. A company must firstly secure a Deed of Establishment from the notary public, then receive name approval from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, followed by obtaining a Tax Identification Number (NPWP). Notably, a physical NPWP card is necessary yet can be processed subsequent to NIB obtainment.